Some of you old timers will probably remember this project. Infinity was a Game Boy Color RPG that was created by former TI community members from around 1999-2001. The game never saw a realease as the Game Boy Advance was coming out soon. An incomplete build was released some years back. It appears that the project has been revived and is getting an official cartridge and digital release. Many of the original programmers have even been recruited to help finish it.Very Happy Here's the kickstarter page: If anyone can share at Omnimaga, and TI planet that'd be cool. I can't seem to get into my old Omnimaga account, atm, and I cant find or don't have one for TI Planet. Anyhow, I'm really happy this is finally getting a release. I've backed it and can't wait to see the final product. *edit* It ends really soon, so head over if you are interested in backing it!
Oh yes I do remember this one, and I seem to recall a recent announcement too ... I'll be sure to check it out! Very Happy
That's super-cool, thanks for sharing! I don't remember the project being discussed back then, but that's a year or two before I was very active on the fora. I certainly can see the calculator influences in the art and especially menus and text.
The first time I saw it was in news archives around 2001, then refered to as Joltima 2 by the news editor. Then in 2003 I checked the project website, only to learn that it was discontinued. I remember the soundtrack being posted on Soundcloud in 2016 and it sounded very good and I'm glad this got revived by a new company. Smile
Ohhh, this is Joltima! Now that is certainly a name I remember well. Here's the article xlibman is referencing:
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