Yes I know it's been a hot minute since I've posted here

The Backrooms 1992

A Backrooms game utilizing a custom engine, in the style of Wolfenstein 3D.
Written in cross-platform C targeting desktop platforms, using Raylib for graphics, audio, and windowing. Currently it builds for both Windows and Linux. It should build on MacOS but I have no access to a Mac so I can't build for that right now.
Utilizing python scripts to build level data from tile map CSVs exported from Tiled, and some text definition files for placing sprites, arranging textures, basic scripting, and more!

The full game is up for purchase plus a free demo on!
The release is not final, I will be updating the full game with more levels in the near future; as well as editing the demo version to maintain consistency with the full game.

And of course, eye candy!

That looks great! Too bad Apple requires Mac applications to be compiled on a Mac, which is economically genius but realistically stupid. You might be able to create a port to the TI-84 Plus CE. I think that the walls and floors should have just a little more yellow to match with the Backrooms image.

I have another suggestion. If you are close enough to a monster, the lights should start humming the fluorescent light buzz and become brighter, creating a connection between the monsters and the Backrooms itself.
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