Hello, I have recently gotten a ti 84 plus python, and would like to jailbreak it. The only problem is I can't use exe or msi files due to admin permissions on my windows laptop. Also, I was able to get a program called ti coder, and it worked. So is there a linking program that is just an application and will work with my calculator? I would really appreciate the help!
TIlp is your only alternative, however I believe it also needs admin privileges. Your best bet is to use a school or friend's computer and send over a program called Transfer. Once you have Transfer on your calculator, you can use the calculator similar to a flash drive so no special software is required. I made a tutorial on this not long ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_RAUtzDnvc
Okay, I'll try using a different device and get that program. Thanks for the reply!
Ok, so I was able to use a different laptop and use Ti connect CE. And I came across another issue when i installed transfer. It said an error when I tried to run it, saying something about the "library." After some research I found that I needed to download the current "CE C 'standard library'." After doing so it still didn't work. Even though it was the latest version, 9.0 clibs. Am I missing something?
The release page for Transfer says you need to download the nightly build of the usbdrvce branch C libraries. These are separate from the regular C libraries, since USB support is still experimental.
Okay, I'll try that, appreciate it!
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