I'm just starting programming with the TI-84.

I'm using external keyboard with Cemu key bindings for faster code entry.

Is there a doc available that displays all the selections under each key?

For instance, under the MATH key the selections (along the top) are:
and under each one of the above selections there's additional selections that are labelled 1: 2:..etc.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Not that I know of. If you don't know where to find a specific functions, press [2nd]>[0] then search for it in the catalog. TI Basic Dev will tell you what menu every command is under: http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/command-index

What does this have to do with TI Basic Screen Captures?
In the back of the TI-83 manual (maybe 84+/SE?) there's a thing that lists all menus and everything in each menu. It should be pretty similar to the TI-84 Plus CE if that's what you're using.

It looks like this:
I heard that there's basic syntax highlighting available for a few code editors (sublime text is one of these, I think). How about you just use that, and send it to CEmu instead of laboriously typing out the code in CEmu itself? Also, this is just my opinion, but I think C is way better than TI Basic, and C & C++ certainly allow larger, faster, more powerful, smarter, more readable, and more complex programs.
randomguy...I'm new to ti-84PlusCE and gathering info.

If I can use C or something other language over Basic I'm open to that.

I was under the impression with the PlusCE does not support code developemnt with C...am I wrong?
You are right and wrong about that. TI removed the ability to run C programs last year in OS 5.5 or above. You can still run C programs just fine though if you have an older OS or if you install a jailbreak on your calculator.
jackmanjls wrote:
I was under the impression with the PlusCE does not support code developemnt with C...am I wrong?

There is the CE C Toolchain available here: https://ce-programming.github.io/toolchain/index.html
If you're trying to program TI-BASIC for the TI-84 Plus CE, I also have to recommend SourceCoder, right here on Cemetech: http://sc.cemetech.net
When using CE C Toolchain I took the HelloWorld example did a make and downloaded to my TI84Plus CE with OS 5.6.0.

The download worked using TIConnect but I can't find the file under PRGM (as I expected b/c of OS 5.6.0).

Under my PGRM key the first selection is: 1. TI-Basic and 2. Python App.

Is there any route to get to my file?

Any suggestions?
Go in the first choice, TI-Basic.
It'll be listed there even though it's not Basic.

That said, on OS 5.6 and later, you'll need to have arTIfiCE + Cesium/AsmHook in order to be able to run asm programs.
Adriweb...my dilemma is that I'm trying to develop a simple way for 8-9th grade kids to get some simple programming experience. Simplicity is my initial goal.

I want to program simple linear, quadratic and exponential equations. These are probably going to be 15-25 lines of simple code.

After looking at several possibilities I've decided to go with Python. Programs would be developed in an external editor (Mu, Notepad++ or VSC), verified and then downloaded to the 84. Even this approach is not as clean cut as I would like but at this point it's the best option.

If you have any suggestions that would be appreciated.
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