I finally was able to re-type in and debug my old TI-82 games that I wrote a long time ago. I've uploaded them to a GitHub repo here: https://github.com/munsie/ticalc/tree/main/84

These versions were typed in and tested on a TI-84+ SE. There shouldn't be any reason why they wouldn't work on a TI-82, 83+, or 84+, other than needing to be converted back to those devices. No new functionality from the 84+ SE was used.

I unfortunately lost a few games. I had a really nice Pyramid solitaire game, but lost it before I was able to make a backup. I also had a Checkers game that I had managed to fit into the TI-82. I lost that one when my TI-81 was stolen.

Now that I've gotten this done, I can focus on making something new here. I want to finally explore writing assembly code. I also might tackle porting and updating some of these games for the 84+ CE.
Nice work! It's always a relief to be able to rescue old programs: I got a TI-73 back after about 17 years that I had written off as lost, and was gratified to find that a number of games that I had written for it and never saved were still intact (and are now safely on my computed). For a few of the more complex projects you've written there, like Slots and Breakout, I strongly recommend uploading to the Cemetech file archives to make them easier to find!
That's really cool - I love how you included to rough year of creation too Smile.
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