I'm using Python to do some work with an n-th order polynomial.

I need to enter the coefficients for the various poly terms.

For example, assume 2nd order poly: ax + bx + c
a,b and c would be inverse video textboxes positioned at an arbitrary location on the display screen.

My thought is that someone in the community has already done this and can lead me to a URL the supports my idea.

Using the TI-84PlusCE I need ideas for the following:

1. getting x-y mapping of the screen.
2. moving the cursor to an x,y position
3. creating a text box at a specific x,y position
4. inverse video the text box created in #3

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
No one in the community uses python because it's trash.
Actually I've heard that python is really good for AI and algorithms.and yes, I know that I shouldn't believe everything I hear Razz
I've just started with TI-84 and from what I gather I can't imagine Python would run efficiently on the 84. Python isn't a high performance language and from what I'm reading the 84 HW is ancient.

So, from your post, I'm assuming that your suggesting it would be more advisable to write/run my PGRM's in Basic. The 84 native language is TI-Basic.

Any suggestions on good resource for TI-Basic lib's?

FYI...I have 40+ yrs of SW experience, from asm to Java and everything in between. So, I know how a for-loop works Smile>

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
If you use C, you can take advantage of fontlibc in order to handle text boxes and different fonts: https://ce-programming.github.io/toolchain/libraries/fontlibc.html

If you use Basic, you can use TextLib which is available here to do more advanced graphics: https://www.cemetech.net/downloads/files/1340/x1340

The python on the TI-84+CE isn't really connected to the OS at all -- it runs on a separate chip and doesn't have the ability to do much outside of what the extra modules TI supplies supports. You might be able to use ti_plotlib to do what you want with the ti_plotlib.text_at function.
MateoConLechuga wrote:
The python on the TI-84+CE isn't really connected to the OS at all

That said, their ti_system module allows to read/write list variables, if you ever need that.

See this topic: https://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17856&start=0
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