Recently, I downloaded a bunch of programs onto my python CE calculator, as well as cesium and asmhook. The programs were running fine for about a day, and then they are slow, such as portal or oiram. The programs are all in archive when I run them, which I suppose cesium allows because you used to not be able to do that without it. When I take the program out of archive it is still slow. I have 135K ram free and 1086k archive free. Any ideas?
Hi James, can I ask what OS version you are running? You can get it by pressing 2nd then+ and then select 'About' by pressing Enter or 1.

Also do you have other games that run slow too?
My calculator version is

I have donkey Kong that runs fine for some reason even though it is a pretty big game, but I have boxman game that runs slowly, though mario seems to run fine now. Portal is the only game that was slow.
ok so I fixed it by unscrewing the back battery compartment, taking out the battery, pressing the on button for good measure, and waiting a minute before putting the battery back in. Sped right back up!
Glad it's fixed! Will have to let us know if the issue comes back.
Sounds good!
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