Recently I have been working on, with TIny_Hacker's help and moral support, making Celtic for the TI-84+ CE. So far I've been focused on making it compatible with all Celtic 2 CSE functions, but I hope to add some newer functions down the line as well as several of the Celtic III functions from the older, monochrome version.

For those out there that don't know what Celtic is, it is a hybrid TI-BASIC library written in assembly that was originally created by Iambian for the TI-83+/84+ monochrome calculators. It was later ported by Kerm to the TI-84+ CSE to be included in Doors 8 and then was ported to the CE with Doors 9 (but unfortunately neither Doors 9 or Celtic were released).

Below is a list of commands in Celtic CE:

  • ReadLine Completed
  • ReplaceLine Completed
  • InsertLine Completed
  • CreateVar Completed
  • Arc/UnarcVar Completed
  • DeleteVar Completed
  • DeleteLine Completed
  • VarStatus Completed
  • BufSprite Completed
  • BufSpriteSelect Completed
  • ExecArcPrgm Completed
  • DispColor Completed
  • DispText Completed
  • ExecHex Completed
  • TextRect Completed

The functions that have been completed are still pending some more thorough testing, but currently appear to function as they should. To see the full list of planned commands, look at the github README found here.
Documentation for all of the finished commands (more will be added later) can be found here.

There's also a Discord server where you can follow the status of this project. The join link for that is here.

Thank you everyone who has helped with this project in one way or another (there are too many to list) and I hope BASIC programmers out there will like this project.
(I will edit the post to show a couple screenshots later Smile )
This sounds promising. I personally liked CE Textlib and grosged's lib for my sprites and rectangles endeavors, but the former made it difficult to come back to old projects since CE Textlib lists are much harder to read than proper sprite data, while grosged's lib is split into 6 sub-programs. Also if this uses hooks as I am guessing from the use of det() command then this will most likely run considerably faster than repeatedly executing something with the Asm() command, not to mention copying the Asm() command all over the place with OS 5.5.x and higher is quite tedious. Smile
Cool to finally see an all-in-one library for the CE like Celtic III. I can definitely see myself using this for a version of CSRacing II that uses sprites or a port of CEPORT (once ReplaceLine is finished).
This is great to see! Hybrid BASIC will always have a special place in my heart, and Celtic is definitely one of the top libraries.
I am a huge Hybrid BASIC fan. Looking forward to using this to its fullest potential. Can't wait to see how it turns out!
The first Celtic CE beta has been released and can be found on github. So far just the Celtic 2 CSE functions have been completed, but more are planned to be implemented later on. Feel free to test it out and please report any bugs you may find. Also, don't forget to read the docs that are linked in the first post. The docs explain each command and they go through the installation process for Celtic. Thanks again to everyone who has helped me out with this project Smile
It has been a little while since the last update on this project, but the wait is over because there is now an update to report. Celtic CE beta 1.1 has now been released on github! A lot has been added in this update, a total of 18 new commands. Celtic CE now has a total of 34 implemented commands and there are still more Celtic III commands left to be ported in upcoming versions. Thanks again to everyone who has helped out with this project and to everyone who has tested it and suggested new commands. Once again, don't forget to read the docs for all of the new commands. Wink Other than that, just enjoy the new beta release of Celtic CE Smile
After about 3 months another beta release is finally done and has been released on Github. 11 new commands have been added, all of them being Celtic III commands that have been rewritten for the CE. The newly added ones are as listed below:

  • UngroupFile
  • GetGroup
  • ExtGroup
  • GroupMem
  • BinRead
  • BinWrite
  • BinDelete
  • HexToBin
  • BinToHex
  • GraphCopy (previously FastCopy in Celtic III)
  • Edit1Byte

There's still a handful of Celtic III commands left to port over, but progress is well underway and hopefully won't take 3 more months this time Wink The docs have also been updated with the new commands so don't forget to read over them. Thanks again to everyone who's helped out with Celtic CE as well as thank you to everyone who's been testing/using it. Hopefully everyone enjoys the new release Smile
I didn't know this library already had support for sprites that can be displayed outside the graph screen boundaries. The small window of the CE graph screen kinda discouraged me from using TI-BASIC on color models but full-screen sprites might bring me back into at least hybrid TI-BASIC programming. As I mentioned on your server, something like grosged's Sprite library where you can scale sprites up to 700% of their original size would be a nice addition for those who want to use smaller resolution sprites to save space or have a more old-school look. Smile

I might have to see if I can convert my 300 walrus sprites to Celtic sprites. But first I'd have to do a lot of planning if I want to make such large game so I might first port Opossum Massage Simulator to hybrid TI-BASIC, since that game doesn't require much speed.
I definitely agree with you and think scaled sprites would for sure be a nice addition to the sprite capabilities of Celtic. I definitely plan on implementing a scaled sprite command probably right after the rest of the Celtic III commands have been finished. There's currently only 7 of those left, so I'm sure it won't take long for me to get around to making a scaled sprite command Smile
It's that time again... the time for another beta of Celtic CE to be released! It has been a little while again since the last release, but there have also been several new commands added in this new version... a total of 21 new commands making a new grand total of 66 Celtic commands available to BASIC programmers! The newly added commands are as listed below:

  • ErrorHandle
  • StringRead
  • HexToDec
  • DecToHex
  • EditWord
  • BitOperate
  • GetProgList
  • SearchFile
  • CheckGC (Garbage Collect)
  • GetStringWidth
  • TransSprite
  • ScaleSprite
  • ScaleTSprite
  • ScrollScreen
  • RGBto565
  • DrawRect
  • DrawCircle
  • FillCircle
  • DrawArc
  • DispTransText
  • ChkRect

That makes all Celtic III commands now ported along with several new graphics commands that are now available for BASIC programmers (and a couple others). The docs are all up-to-date with the newly added commands, so don't forget to take a look at those and the release is available on Github for all who would like to try it out. Hopefully you all enjoy it! Smile
Nice work! This brings a ton of cool features to basic, hopefully we'll see some neat programs/games!
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