To help teachers type faster in the TI-SmartView software, TI has an app which lets the calculator talk to the computer like a regular keyboard. Unfortunately, the key sent when you press a button on the calculator doesn't correspond to a normal key on the keyboard. Instead, TI chose a non-sensible key combination for each button. I don't know what the developers were high on when they chose these combos, but they have no rhyme or reason that I can see (ctrl+win+alt+shift+F8 for open parenthesis but ctrl+win+shift+F4 for close parenthesis? Really TI??) .

Nevertheless, I documented every key. I also decided to create a script which actually lets you use the calculator as a keyboard: Github


This is only here in case the link above breaks 10 years from now or something.
Key   Windows Key Combination
y=   ctrl+win+F1
window   ctrl+win+F2
zoom   ctrl+win+F3
trace   ctrl+win+T
graph   ctrl+win+F5
2nd   ctrl+win+F6
mode   ctrl+win+alt+F6
del   ctrl+win+shift+alt+F4
left   win+alt+shift+LEFT
up   win+alt+shift+UP
right   win+alt+shift+RIGHT
alpha   ctrl+win+F7
X,T,0,n   ctrl+win+alt+F7
stat   ctrl+win+alt+shift+F5
down   win+alt+shift+DOWN
math   ctrl+win+F8
apps   ctrl+win+alt+F8
prgm   ctrl+win+alt+shift+F6
vars   ctrl+win+shift+F2
clear   ctrl+win+shift+F9
x^-1   ctrl+win+F9
sin   ctrl+win+alt+F9
cos   ctrl+win+alt+shift+F7
tan   ctrl+win+shift+F3
^   ctrl+win+shift+F11
x^2   ctrl+win+alt+F1
,   ctrl+win+alt+F10
(   ctrl+win+alt+shift+F8
)   ctrl+win+shift+F4
÷   ctrl+win+/
log   ctrl+win+alt+F2
7   ctrl+win+alt+F11
8   ctrl+win+alt+shift+F9
9   ctrl+win+shift+F5
*   ctrl+win+*
ln   ctrl+win+alt+F3
4   ctrl+win+alt+shift+F1
5   ctrl+win+alt+shift+F10
6   ctrl+win+shift+F6
-   ctrl+win+-
sto->   ctrl+win+alt+F4
1   ctrl+win+alt+shift+F2
2   ctrl+win+alt+shift+F11
3   ctrl+win+shift+F7
+   ctrl+win++
on   ctrl+win+alt+F5
0   ctrl+win+alt+shift+F3
.   ctrl+win+shift+F1
(-)   ctrl+win+shift+F8
enter   enter

CSV format with extra documentation:
Assembly Key ID,Key,Windows Key Combination,Notes,TI-84 Plus CE AutoHotKey:,Mode 0: Numeric Input,No Modifier,2nd Modifier,Alpha Modifier,Notes,Mode 1: Alpha Input,No Modifier,2nd Modifier,Alpha Modifier,Notes,Mode 2: Emulator Input,No Modifier,,,,
11,y=,ctrl+win+F1,, ,y=,F1,F6,F11,,y=,F1,F6,F11,,y=,ctrl+win+F1,,,,
12,window,ctrl+win+F2,,Green: Verified Working,window,F2,F7,F12,,window,F2,F7,F12,,window,ctrl+win+F2,,,,
13,zoom,ctrl+win+F3,,Orange: Unable to Verify,zoom,F3,F8,F13,,zoom,F3,F8,F13,,zoom,ctrl+win+F3,,,,
14,trace,ctrl+win+T,,Red: Verified Not Working,trace,F4,F9,F14,,trace,F4,F9,F14,,trace,ctrl+win+T,,,,
21,2nd,ctrl+win+F6,,,2nd,toggle 2nd,toggle 2nd,toggle 2nd,,2nd,toggle 2nd,toggle 2nd,toggle 2nd,,2nd,ctrl+win+F6,,,,
22,mode,ctrl+win+alt+F6,,,mode,Toggle Numlock,Esc,Swaps Modes,Completes [2nd]>[on] Sleep trigger,mode,Toggle Numlock,Esc,Swaps Modes,Completes [2nd]>[on] Sleep trigger,mode,ctrl+win+alt+F6,,,,
32,alpha,ctrl+win+F7,,,alpha,toggle Alpha,toggle Alpha,toggle Alpha,[2nd]>[alpha] toggles between mode 0 and 1,alpha,toggle Alpha,toggle Alpha,toggle Alpha,[2nd]>[alpha] toggles between mode 0 and 1,alpha,ctrl+win+F7,,,,
33,"X,T,0,n",ctrl+win+alt+F7,,,"X,T,0,n",Toggle CapsLock,Play/Pause,/,,"X,T,0,n",Toggle CapsLock,Play/Pause,/,,"X,T,0,n",ctrl+win+alt+F7,,,,
34,stat,ctrl+win+alt+shift+F5,,,stat,Tab,{},Next Song,,stat,Tab,{},Next Song,,stat,ctrl+win+alt+shift+F5,,,,
41,math,ctrl+win+F8,,,math,Run Calculator,ctrl+a,A,Run calculator may only work on old operating systems,math,a,ctrl+a,A,,math,ctrl+win+F8,,,,
42,apps,ctrl+win+alt+F8,,,apps,Right Click menu,ctrl+b,B,,apps,b,ctrl+b,B,,apps,ctrl+win+alt+F8,,,,
43,prgm,ctrl+win+alt+shift+F6,,,prgm,ctrl+shift+esc (Open task manager),ctrl+c,C,,prgm,c,ctrl+c,C,,prgm,ctrl+win+alt+shift+F6,,,,
44,vars,ctrl+win+shift+F2,,,vars,win+tab,Volume Up,Volume Down,,vars,win+tab,Volume Up,Volume Down,,vars,ctrl+win+shift+F2,,,,
45,clear,ctrl+win+shift+F9,,,clear,Backspace,Home+End+Delete (delete line),ctrl+backspace,,clear,Backspace,Home+End+Delete (delete line),ctrl+backspace,,clear,ctrl+win+shift+F9,,,,
65,ö,ctrl+win+/,The numpad /,,ö,/,e,M,,ö,m,ctrl+m,M,,ö,ctrl+win+/,,,,
75,*,ctrl+win+*,The numpad *,,*,*,[,R,,*,r,ctrl+r,R,,*,ctrl+win+*,,,,
85,-,ctrl+win+-,The numpad -,,-,-,],W,,-,w,ctrl+w,W,,-,ctrl+win+-,,,,
95,+,ctrl+win++,The numpad +,,+,+,ctrl+tab,"""",,+,"""",`,',,+,ctrl+win++,,,,
,on,ctrl+win+alt+F5,,,on,Pause (break),Starts Sleep trigger (Press [mode] to complete the trigger),CtrlBreak,Sleep does not work on all computers,on,Pause (break),Starts Sleep trigger (Press [mode] to complete the trigger),CtrlBreak,Sleep does not work on all computers,on,ctrl+win+alt+F5,,,,
102,0,ctrl+win+alt+shift+F3,,,0,0,Help,Spacebar,"Help is deprecated, likely only works on old operating systems",0,Spacebar,ctrl+spacebar,Spacebar,,0,ctrl+win+alt+shift+F3,,,,
103,.,ctrl+win+shift+F1,,,.,.,?? (Imaginary i),:,,.,:,.,;,,.,ctrl+win+shift+F1,,,,
105,enter,enter,The numpad enter,,enter,Enter,ctrl+enter,Enter,,enter,Enter,ctrl+shift+z,shift+enter,,enter,enter,,,,
(Thanks to Zeroko for catching a few errors in the table!)
I'm assuming they chose these combos so as to least interfere with anything else that might be open if you accidentally press a calc button in another piece of software? Seems odd indeed.

Nice work as usual though! Smile.
LOL I wonder if Cemetech will survive when next 10 years!

Btw Good idea!! I think teachers would need this very much as some teachers have no idea how to use computers.
I really wish TI had just mapped the keys to the numpad or at least made the combos remotely sensible. Of course, now the community has to create a script on the computer to fix these psycho combos; but nobody is stupid enough to spend hours doing that, right?

Anyways, I spent several hours creating an AutoHotKey script which takes the input the calculator gives the computer, and turns it in to useful key combinations! It actually works pretty well and I'm quite happy with it! I created a Github repository here:

There's still a few issues I need to iron out but the vast majority of the buttons work! This took quite a long time (all afternoon) to set up and create, please let me know what you think! Note: if Office pops up every time you press a key, check the ReadMe for a registry tweak that fixes that.
I'm just going to drop this here:
This totally isn't exactly what Mateo's post said before he deleted it…
Massive update, I spent all day working on implementing every key, its 2nd and alpha modifier and every input mode! I also significantly improved the readme, it has lots more documentation and now in a neat, markdown format. I decided the original title of this topic was super lame so I came up with a new name: CEyboard!

I actually used this program for class today and it was truly fantastic! I really don't like using on-screen keyboards so when my laptop is in tablet mode, I definitely prefer using the physical buttons of the CE. It's also nice having a 'numpad' I'm already very familiar using so typing is super quick. If you want to try this out yourself, I compiled the script into a .exe and pushed a release:

This was a lot of work, but I'm very pleased with it. If you try it out, I'd love to hear what you think!
All right, small update. I went through every key and found a few that were either mis-mapped or not functioning correctly. I fixed those but I'm unable to test a few commands since I don't have the key on my keyboard, the command is deprecated, or it's up to the computer whether to execute the command or not.
The commands I can't verify are:
    Toggle Numlock (I don't have a numpad)
    Run Calculator (May only work on old Windows OSes?)
    Put computer to sleep (Up to the computer whether to listen or not)
    Help (Deprecated)
If someone can verify that these work, I would really appreciate that! If you want to try out the new release, I've compiled a new one here:
Another update! I realized that only having a 750ms window to press a key after you press the [2nd] or [alpha] modifier was really stupid. I changed those to toggles, just like it works on the calculator. Rolling Eyes
I also added alpha-lock! Pressing [2nd] then [alpha] will now toggle between alpha input and numeric input. I also changed the theta in numeric input to a lowercase theta since it's more accurate to what the calculator displays. I've update the documentation to reflect these changes. This is the last major update I have planned so very little is likely to change other than bug fixes. Go ahead and try the latest release!
Ooh, this is nice. Too bad there's no good AHK interpreter for linux...
What the heck, TI? If you're going to go through the effort to make it incompatible with other software, why not just go all the way and use the vendor-defined usage page of the USB HID spec? Or at least use some of the more obscure keys in the keyboard page? There's amazing keys like 0x8E "Keyboard International8", 0xB5 "Currency Sub-unit", and 0xDD "Keypad Hexadecimal". They're in the HID spec, so Windows, Linux, and OSX have to support them in some way. I don't really feel like digging through the Win32 API documentation though.

I'm surprised they didn't lobby the USB IF to add a new usage page just for TI calculators.
Millennial, I cannot praise you enough! This is exactly the breakthrough that I was looking forward to when thinking about my TI-84 KE project. This would go hand-in-hand with that project! This is so exciting. Awesome work!
Small update: I fixed an annoying bug where the text "Mode Input" would appear every time you started the application.

I spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out why tray tip notifications wouldn't show up. Turns out Windows had disabled notifications specifically for CEyboard on its own! I have no idea why it did this (I know for certain I didn't turn it off myself), maybe my app was sending too many notifications during my testing? In any case, turning notifications back on fixed it and I've added troubleshooting steps for this in the ReadMe.
Hey there,

I was looking for what this program was called for a while, lol. Thing is, I wanna use this on my older CE, but is has Smartpad 5.2, not 5.3, and I want to use it with CEmu. Is this possible?
DrDnar wrote:
What the heck, TI? If you're going to go through the effort to make it incompatible with other software, why not just go all the way and use the vendor-defined usage page of the USB HID spec? ... I'm surprised they didn't lobby the USB IF to add a new usage page just for TI calculators.
You're talking about the same company who thought they were under some threat that meritted removing ASM functionality for TI−84+ CE Revision M calculators.
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