I am transferring notes from my computer to my ti 84 ce plus calculator, and some of the greek lettering and symbols are not converting properly; any way around this or is there a way to add characters like greek lettering or mathematical operators, so the ti font recognizes the converted text?
Is there a program or something that you're using to transfer notes? TI calculators have their own compatibile-ish character set which may not have all the symbols you are using?

If you're meaning that you are typing out notes as TI-BASIC programs, you can open sourcecode3 (sc.cemetech.net) and paste the notes in there, then export the program with the name you want, send it to your calculator, and then press edit to view it.
https://youtu.be/3hCD1Pxdy3I this is how I'm converting the txt on my computer to my ti 84
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