I know how to edit appvars on my ti 84 pce with C programs using fileioc, but how are the actual binary files formatted, because when I open a .8xp file on a computer hex editor, there seems to be a large amount of additional bytes besides the name and data stored in the appvar.
Check out http://merthsoft.com/linkguide/ti83+/fformat.html. You can also use convbin to pack and unpack appvars.
are the ti 84 plus ce appvars formatted exactly the same as the ti 83 appvars, or are there some differences?
For the file format on the calculator side, which seems relevant to you as you mention "C programs using fileioc", I'll let the TI-eZ80 experts reply.

For the file format on the computer side, https://debrouxl.github.io/tilp-linkguide/ti83+/fformat.html is served straight from the source repositories, but for the most part, Merthsoft's mirror should be identical.
oh, is that why cesium shows the filesize to be larger than the data stored in it, because it includes the comment's and the signatures' bytes?
For regular files, the magic number, comment and other pieces of the header, as well as the trailing checksum, are not transferred to the calculator.
On calc the file size is the actual data size, plus 2 size bytes, plus the VAT entry (which from memory is 7 bytes plus the number of characters in the file name).

eg. if you have a file named "abc" with 100 bytes of data, the file size would be 100 + 2 + 7 + 3 = 112 bytes.

I could be out by 1 or 2 bytes if my VAT numbers are wrong, but it's something like that Smile
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