This is my application to become a full member of the BASIC Elite. It is a skatepark editor that uses stat sprites and a unique(I think) method of moving them. Instead of changing the sprite information, the program changes the screen resolution. The sprite stays at the same points, but different pixels.

EDIT: The link posted is different from the version submitted to Be sure to use this one (on the geocities page).
By resolution, do you mean the XMin, XMax, YMin, and YMax coordinates?
I'm pretty sure that's what he means as it's the only screen variables he can change to move the sprite around. It works if you have one sprite or multiple sprites moving in the same direction. I prefer to work on one sprite at a time though so one sprite doesn't affect the location of the others when it isn't needed. I'll download the program and try it out.

Ok just finished testing it. It is really cool. However, instead of storing the information on the course to a string, it should have been stored to a list. The code looks like you designated each different ramp feature as a number. It would be easier to get the individual digits through a list index than using sub( on a string. Also, some areas could have been optimized. For example, storing the values to the lists near the top of the code would have been a lot shorter with a loop. It's a great program. It could be better by adding harmful obstacles and requiring the user to jump over them so the user has more to do than edit the skate park. Finally, you really should add a way for the user to quit the skate mode. I checked the code and it looks like you iterate through all the characters in the string and the skate mode ends when the end of the string is reached. Perhaps turn it into a while or repeat loop with the added end condition of the user pressing clear or some other button. Anyway, it's a good program and I liked it. Perhaps with further improvements it can be a contender in a sidescrolling contest.
Indeed, but I'd have to say it's advanced enough to warrant 1337 membership.
Cool beans. The program does indicate he is adept in advanced BASIC concepts like plot sprites and using strings. This program is an indication of great things to come from foamy if he decides to continue developping his BASIC skills.
KermMartian wrote:
Indeed, but I'd have to say it's advanced enough to warrant 1337 membership.

W00t!!! I've never been so excited about being able to use a different userbar, before! 0x5, thanks, guys!
Great! We have another proud member of the B1337! I think you earned it. It is a neat and original program. Your enthusiasm also indicates you're a great addition to the group.
Indeed, something1990. Wow, now that we're getting so many members, I might even be able to resurrect the newsletter...
This was my first program to use Str variables. I really only made it for practice with them. Would lists be faster? I figured the string would be smaller than another list. A list would be better for saving, though. When I get a chance, I'll port it over and compare the two.
The string is about 8x smaller than a list would be, but you pay a small price in speed. To tell you the truth, you might not even do that, because lists are also relatively slow.
Well, like I said, I'll try it out if I get time. I could always use another reason to get it back on the "recent additions" on Very Happy
Definitely. They have to start processing the queue a little more quickly though. :/
Yeah, they're a lot faster during summer. Neutral
I think they just don't have time for anymore, in which case they should find some more people to help or replace them.
I fully agree....
I am with you also. But then again, I don't have anything in the queue.
Nor I, but I will soon with DCS 5.8, and I don't want to wait for two weeks for it to get into the archives.
You add him in a day, and I am still waiting after... 2 weeks... Neutral Just Joking
Though, Congrat's Foamy! Here's a gift! TI-84+ SE

KermMartian wrote:
Indeed, something1990. Wow, now that we're getting so many members, I might even be able to resurrect the newsletter...

I will help write it if you want...
Well we didn't really add him in a day. He's been a member a lot longer than you have and in that time has built a better reputation. Sadly, the same can't be said for you.
very true, it took me about a year to earn Elite status here, and when I attempted to join the first time, there was no apprentice.
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