Hello everyone

I have a new TI nspire CX2 CAS calculator in the mail. Looking forward to lots of mathematical play, graphing odd equations ...

But being a newbie and of nervous disposition I am already worrying about a usability aspect of the TI touchpads. I noticed in all five utube videos I watched with proud owners showing off their new CX2 Cas toy, that rolling the finger across the touchpad and even pressing the central point produced little motion of the cursor on the screen.

My expectation would be that as the finger glided and pressed, the responiveness would be the same as using a touchpad or mouse on a PC. Instead the TI cursor didnt respond or produced short movements on the screen in response to three or four finger glides.

Please is this a recognised difficulty of the TI nspire CX2 CAS and one that just has to be tolerated? Or could new OS downloads of the last year corrected it? Surely TI engineers are aware of what I saw in the videos? Or finally does the TI have a default touchpad options where its possible to increase sensitivity to touch and increased motion for a given finger glide.

Thank you again and good calculator fun. Keenbeginner.

The touchpad sensitivity on the TI-Nspire CX II CAS should be able to be adjusted in the settings, so you can change how much a stroke moves the cursor. You can also change whether tapping the touchpad will cause the cursor to click, or whether you must fully press the touchpad to click it.
Greetings Tiny_Hacker

That is reassuring to learn. I know people dont understand the use of defaults in settings.

Perhaps soon my issues will be all about overcoming challenges, having fun. Hurrah. Thx. (Imagine me learning Python on a TI. Very Happy )
An update

I had an online chat with ti-cares on this. The assistant said there wasnt a settings option for the touchpad. And that I was first person he/she knew of expressing concern. I know of someone who said it just flat out dosnt work in a utube review, but it is clear to me now this is a minority viewpoint.

Regards Keenbeginner
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