So I am trying to read files in a directory using this code(for gint, but since it's using syscalls, pretty sure it would work with prizmsdk with some little changes)
I found a code that worked fine( Only when dealing with the root directory!
so for example using
\\fls0\* would work just fine
but \\fls0\test\* (also test exists)
just returns me 2 files/folders named . and .. (even though there's 6 files in it)

EDIT: Fixed it


int explore_folder(uint16_t* search, uint16_t names[MAX_FILES][MAX_CHARACTERS], struct BFile_FileInfo infos[MAX_FILES]) {
   /* Search descriptor */
   int sd = 0;
   /* Number of files found */
   int found = 0;

   int rc = BFile_FindFirst(search, &sd, names[found], &infos[found]);
   if(rc < 0) return rc;

   while(((rc = BFile_FindNext(sd, names[found], &infos[found])) != -16) && ((found++) < MAX_FILES));

   return found;
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