As some may know and others may not know, I have been working with several individuals from the Minecraft server on my server to create a series of sci-fi related minigames for Star Wars week (starting May 4th and ending May 10th). There will be a custom map I'll send to an admin to import hopefully before the 4th, as well as an update to the Star Trek datapack, which will add support for multiple arenas and some custom game types, as will be elaborated. At the close of the event, the map can be delisted from multiverse, but retained for posterity.

Much like the events I hosted 2 years back, these events will feature an array of contests between a Star Trek team and a Star Wars team, putting the two fandoms in a quest for supremacy once more. Last time, Star Wars was the victor... let's see if they can repeat that again.

There are a few days left before this would begin, so if you would like to participate in some way, either in PvP or in the non-PvP challenges, feel free to decide on what team you would like to join, I will be placing chests with banners for both teams at the main spawn in a few days, so keep checking there, near the Star Trek shuttle at spawn. You may take some banners, but leave a piece of paper or book or something with your in-game name.

The map currently under development holds a spawn styled after a Federation starbase, which provides teleports to one of four different arenas. Each arena will pin a Federation structure against a Star Wars (Imperial) one, using the same mechanics as the existing Star Trek PvP events. The matchups, locations, and days are as follows:

1) USS Enterprise v. Star Destroyer
Where: Drydock 1
When: May 4th, Time TBD (see Discord)
Objective: Defend your ship, destroy the opposing ship.

2) USS Defiant v. Super Star Destroyer
Where: Drydock 2
When: May 6th, Time TBD (see Discord)
Objective: Defend your ship, destroy the opposing ship.

3) Delta-class Fliers v. Imperial Tie Defenders and Interceptors
Where: Drydock 3
When: May 8th, Time TBD (see Discord)
Objective: Destroy all opposing teams fighters before all your fighters are destroyed.

4) Federation Starbase v. Death Star
Where: Drydock 4
When: May 10, Time TBD (see Discord)
Objective: Both teams play on Starbase. The Death Star is AI controlled. It unleashes periodic barrages against the Starbase, which the Starbase, with all 3 layers of shielding, can resist. The Star Wars team seeks to disable the shields of the Starbase to allow the Death Star to destroy it, while the Star Trek team must defend the shields while manning artillery platforms to destroy the Death Star.

In addition to the PvP matches, there will also be Star Wars/Trek trivia, and a riddle-style scavenger hunt to do for those of you who do not enjoy PvP. Follow the directions posted for the activity at the event world spawn for your participation to get credit for your team. Each activity will earn points and at the end of the week, points will be tallied and a winning team declared.

Point Allocations

Ship PvP Matches:
100 points to the winning team
*If match elapses longer than 15 minutes*, 25 points to losing team, 25 points to winning team.
*If match elapses longer than 30 minutes*, 50 points to losing team.

Starbase v. Death Star Match:
100 points to Star Wars if Starbase is destroyed.
100 points to Star Trek if Death Star is destroyed.
75:25 point ratio awarded to teams for elapsed time <15 minutes (75 to winner, 25 to loser)
50:50 point ratio awarded to teams for elapsed time 15<T<30 (50 to both teams)
25:75 point ratio awarded to teams for elapsed time 30+ (25 to winner, 75 to loser)

Each trivia quiz consists of 20 questions.
Each question will be worth 2 points.
Each trivia submitted can earn team a maximum of 40 points.

Scavenger Hunt:
Clues will direct you to locate a marked location in a certain place. Some of the clues will be time sensitive (in locations likely to be damaged at some point in a match). You will be asked to screenshot the location and paste it into the Star Trek PvP Discord channel, and indicate which clue it is the answer to. Each correct one will earn a team 25 points.
If a location is marked in the clue to be high-risk, reaching it will earn double points. However, it will come with a risk of death, so bear this in mind when trying to reach it.
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