I have finally decided to work on this project more!
Right now, I have completed the cafeteria and admin sections of the map.
I also have a system for interrupting the game for things such as emergency meetings and minigames.
I have a question though: What is the maximum index for sub() and instring()?
I am asking this, because it could be smaller/faster to use sub() to load the map into memory instead of a bunch of if statements.
No pictures yet, but hopefully I will be able to put some up later!
I am only going to release the code once I have the entire map done.
I have added the weapons deck!
(I also had to change some info on my account, so it thinks I am a new member now Razz)
So far, this is going rather well!
It sounds like you're making great progress. Nay idea if you'll be able to post some pictures of the map so far?

Edit: TIny_Hacker's 300th Post!
Well, the problem with pictures is that Imgur is blocked on school computers, so that means I cannot upload pictures until I get on another device.
If anyone knows a place to put pictures that is NOT imgur, please tell me!
Does imgbb or imgbox work?
Sounds like a cool idea any deadline possibly? Can't wait to see this I was thinking someone should do this yesterday.

Also is this going to be on the ce

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I have some experience on creating AI, it would also be a nice challenge. can i join the fray? just send me the program and i will try to make a new AI program for you to call. also is this in basic or asm because i do not know Asm. I also only found cemetech a few months ago.
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