This post will be my 500th post, bringing me to the expert forum rank. I'd like to thank everyone on Cemetech for my time here, as it has been an extremely welcoming, informative, and enjoyable experience. I can't believe that I went from making horrible games in ICE with no programming experience at all to creating a shell for the CE calculators in less than two years, an accomplishment that I accredit almost entirely to the great people on the forums and Discord/IRC that have given me help, feedback, and suggestions for my projects, in particular:
-RoccoLox Programs
-and many others as well, not listed here (thanks to you, too!)
So thank you to everyone on Cemetech for the community that we have, I'll be sure to stick around for a while longer so I can get that custom title.
Congratulations Smile Keep up the good work!
Congratulations! I really have enjoyed seeing all the progress you have made on Vysion in the past and look forward to updates to come! Keep up the good work! Very Happy
Nice job, seeing your growth in developing programs for the CE was very cool!
Wow, that's amazing! I can't imagine making 500 posts Razz
Hope you get to become an Official Cemetech Manager in your time here!
I hope to have a similar story to tell.
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