I just purchased a nspire cx ll cas and tried downloading the ti nspire computer link software. The calculator will not connect no matter what I do. I tried it on windows and a mac. I can see the calculator in device manager but when I try to connect it will not show up.

Is the calculator compatible with the nspire software?

Any help would be appreciated.
You need to use the TI-Nspire CX II CAS Student Software. If you bought your calculator new, it should come with a license for it. Go to the TI website, download and install the software, then activate it with your license.
In addition to what TIny said, the license will be in the calculator's packaging. If you've already thrown it away, you can contact TI, answer any questions they have about the calculator, and they'll send you a new license for free.
It works now. Thank you
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