You`re right. I just unterstood something wrong Very Happy .
Yes, I sorted the designs by themes.
By the way are the food ideas from the android game .
They make so hungry Razz .

The game loop is progressing.
I want do it exactly as the loop of the TI-Basic version.
I will have to see, if it`s possible to smooth the gameplay enough.
Until now, keypresses are implemented too slow or even completely not.
(since I added falling tiles)

For now, I'm not worrying about this worrying fact,
but today I'm working on the random selection of the starting positions of the moveable sprites.

By the way: Should I make it possible that player and falling tile are starting in the same column?
The first released version of FallingTiles (TI-Basic) had the feature to never put the player in the same column as the falling tile (when beginning a game).
Later I removed this feature, because I thought it`s unecessary.

Should the new FallingTiles contain this feature (may with a possibility to toggle)?
I think that it's up to you. If you want the feature in the game, it should definitely have the option to turn off, so people can make the game harder for themselves if it is too easy.
Okay, I`m planning now to add later also this toggleable feature (it`s very easy to code Laughing).
Because I "collected" some toggleable features yet, I'm gonna make an extra options menu.
Oh, by the way I better talk about skins instead of designs.
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