Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to use/ set hooks in ICE and how I could learn to work with them.
Does anyone know something about that?
No, they need to be position-independent, which basically requires that they be written in assembly.
Thanks, then I would have to learn ez80 Smile
Is there any way to do this oncalc?
Technically, yes, but it would be extremely painful to do so. If you at all have the option of using a computer, do that.

Here's capnhook, a library I wrote for managing hooks. I'd recommend using the C toolchain, as it handles loading the library for you and supports assembly programming.
Frederik wrote:
Is there any way to do this oncalc?

There will (hopefully) soon be a way to program in ez80 on calc. I'd take a look at zeldaking's topic about it and ask about how development on it is going (link below).
Ti-84CE On calc ez80
I think it wouldn't be too hard to write a program which translates commands like LD,ADD,OR to hex numbers, but I have no idea to use them... Very Happy
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