Cool! N64 Zelda?
Another update! A few changes:

I changed texture size from 32x32 to 16x16. Minor performance boost and means more textures can be used at once. Going with this, I removed the lighting addition from the shaders; now any lighting effects will have to be a seperate texture.These changes are hand in hand since more space means more textures so the lighting code is somewhat unnecessary with proper design.

I implemented sprites Very Happy! The way I implemented it is each sprite is a vertex, and after being translated to local space the offset for the topleft corner is added before the perspective divide.

Also, super late reply to tr1p1ea, but it's Spirit Tracks Zelda, not N64 zelda.

It's been forever and a half since I actually made any posts about the work I've been doing, so here it is. Razz Life got in the way for a while but I've been making gradual changes to the the engine since late October.

The function naming was a mess, so that got rewritten. All the naming conventions are a lot cleaner now. Sprites now function as was originally intended, rather than the hacky version shown earlier. They have variable size and dynamic scaling with distance. The shader system got a bit of a cleanup as part of that.

I added mipmapping! Smaller polygons now use a reduced size shader that uses a lot less cycles (4k vs 10k) and that leads to speedups with a lot of stuff. That combined with better matrix operations puts things in pretty good spot right now.

For comparison, the monkey in the previous screenshots used to take on average 4.8+ million cycles per frame. The same monkey now takes around 3.3 million cycles. The phantom model used to take upwards of 3.5+ million cycles, and now takes around 2.1 million.

Still lots to do. Forgive the bad wireframing for the following screenshot.

That's a substantial performance boost, well done! I love watching this project get better and better!
This is looking amazing! Nice work!
That's some pretty substential speed up !
I guess I'll need to brush up virtual code if I dont want to be left in the dust speed wise.

I am eager for more striking visual though !
I am a bit late, but raytracing when?

All jokes aside this is actually crazy and literally what I dream of making someday. I hope we can see some more of this project Very Happy
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