Edit: this problem is solved because of fasmg.

I am programming a game in assembly and I am wondering if there is a way to mix variable lengths on one line, in the way that you can define many variables of the same length in one line. Here's an example:

db $0f,120,39,$D506E3
This example fails on the last number in that list since it is not one byte. But this:

dl $0f,120,39,$D506E3
compiles and inserts empty space between the variables. The reason I want to be able to vary the size is because this will be a table with many sprites, and each one has the same format, so it would be better to leave each one's data on one line than to use two lines that could be confused:

?? $0f,120,39,$D506E3
?? $0b,110,39,$D5001C
?? $01,120,36,$D509A1

I have already created a stack overflow post here, which says the same thing
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