so ive been working on an rpg for awhile now...

the working title ir "ricardos game", as that is the name of rhe protagonist.
it has graphics in the vein of metroid pi, and so far i am done the story and the bulk of the main program.
i will try to upload some pictures later!
i have SATs tommorow, so i may be delayed, though.
I am working on it with someone else who is making a CE version. I forget who offhand (sorry), but post yourself below!
I am hoping to have this done by next school year!
update: finished my SATs, i think i did well....
I am working on some subprograms right now. Hopefully I'll have something to show everyone by tommorow night.
I want to make it at least somewhat impressive before showing yall, yknow?
Hoping for a reply!
Looks like you're making progress.
Can you post some screenshots, though? We don't really have any idea of what it's going to be about.
But, it sounds interesting! (I might play it once it's finished.)
What is it going to look like? What language are you using for it? It sounds really cool. Also is there going to be enemies or more like an adventure game?
ill put some screenshots in a bit.
ti basic on the ti 84+
hopefully earthbound style enemies and battles
(that or legend of ZELDA)
i am working on cutscenes right now, as well as expanding the map beyond a few screens.
I'm super excited to see how this turns out! How are you doing the maps?

what do yall think?
It looks great! I love how you can interact with objects just like other classic RPGs such as Pokemon or Legend of Zelda Smile Keep up the great work!

EDIT: TIny's 250th post! Razz
i am currently working on a cutscene.
after i finish the opening cutscene, im gonna expand the map a ton.
wish me luck!
I finished the cutscene finally.

Also, just for everyone: I will be offline until september after school ends. This will be the project I work on during that time.

My birthday is July 15, and i hopefully will be on for a bit then, but maybe not.

If i get on at all, I WILL send updates!
I am hoping to have this mostly done by next school year.
hi everyone!
i need to finish something, so im remaking this.
its gonna be a crap rpg in pure ti basic.
i am just making it now to make sure the maps and stuff all fit into ram, i will optimize/add cooler features later.

question: how do YOU want to see combat work?

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