I recently purchased a TI-84 Plus CR for my 5-year old son autistic for Christmas. All he has been asking for Christmas is a "Christmas Calculator" and since he is currently fascinated with factorials and his mathematical interest keeps expanding, I figured this TI-84 should satisfy his curiosity and needs for years to come.

Anyway, back to my question. I have been struggling to find any source for any vinyl skins for the face of the calculator. I decided to tackle the endeavor of making my own (I have a Cricut Maker 3) or placing a custom order through someplace like stickermule.com. But I was wondering if anyone had a digital template of the TI-84+ CE that I could use to help make this instead of tackling this from scratch?

Thanks for your help and I'm excited to become part of this community!
Welcome to Cemetech! A Christmas Calculator sounds like a great present from my point of view, particularly if you think it will help your son's math interests.

Regarding the skin template - just wondering if you can link to the exact model calculator that your bought? The CE doesn't have a removeable faceplate afaik, but someone in the community may have modelled it for a sticker overlay?

If not I'm sure this might be something that we can assist with.

Also is there a particular functional reason for the vinyl overlay, or you just want to personalise the calculator?
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