Yes, you read that title correctly. Having picked up Flash animation and ActionScript 2.0 knowledge a couple years ago, I have been slowly creating this cute game where you pick outfits for my avatar.

Yes, it uses a 99 percent obsolete service to work.
Yes, it requires the use of emulators to run on modern browsers.
Yes, it is by no means a pixel-perfect recreation of the Mona Lisa.
Yes, it will be the least professional-looking project by far.
Yes, it will be one of the most chaotically cute projects Cemetech has ever seen.

Here is a screenshot of the alpha:

Currently, there are six types of shoes, six pairs of socks, four hair styles, three hats, five leg sets, five arm sets, six accessories, 16 shirts, and 18 potato color choices. I have made a functional panel/ category system to quickly select between multiple groups of items, such as limbs and footwear.

I intend to host this project on Newgrounds when I feel like the game is complete and as polished as possible. It is an old game and animation site, which has a robust Flash/ActionScript emulator called Ruffle. Newgrounds also has a built-in achievements API that I can use to enhance the user experience. For example, if you dress up the tater as a ballerina, you earn five achievement points. I'll come up with more ideas on that part later!

This game will be slightly redesigned in the coming week. The buttons that are now just blah text will be turned into cute buttons with pictures of what is in their respective categories. I will reposition them vertically so you don't have to keep going up and down to get to where you want. I will also give the help screen and preloader a Tater's touch. Then, I will get to adding in some bottoms and dresses, because I have not gotten to that part yet. (To be honest, I haven't touched the project in a week...)

I have more improvements in mind, but that can wait for another post. This is my first official "project" that I have posted on here, so I would love it if you gave me feedback and constructive criticism. I can already hear the click-clack'ing of keys typing, "Did you read the post 'Flash is dead, long live HTML5?'". A shout-out goes to iPhoenix for giving me a couple tips on how to improve the game's graphics and menus. Smile Virtual hugs to you all. Smile
This is beautiful.
Great job ! Glad to see that Flash is not totally dead yet.
Good luck finishing your game.
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