I am announcing that I just released the first public beta of prgmTRANSFER, a CE variable transfer program. This program uses MTP to communicate with various computer OSes out of the box, allowing simple variable transfers without installing annoying or complicated computer software.

It is known to be plug-and-play with no additional computer software required on at least Windows 10 (using the normal File Explorer, check under Computer), Ubuntu 20.04 (using the default Gnome Files (nautilus) or Dolphin File Manager), and Android 11 (Using the builtin Files app, check notifications after connecting the usb cable to open). Other OSes can use various relevant software, but that is not necessarily the target audience.

The latest nightly calculator library dependencies can be downloaded as mentioned in the README.

Feedback welcome, but keep in mind that it is still in beta and may be rough around the edges.

Compatibility update prgmTRANSFER v0.0.4b now released!
Make sure you update USBDRVCE!
Great work Smile
For the limited purpose of transferring files, not having to install TI-Connect CE / TILP - and for Windows users, their drivers, due to the annoying platform limitation - shall ease many a user's life.

Yet another reason, among many, why access to native code programs is a must...
I attempted to connect this to my mac running 10.11.6, and I got this:
Error: 22F700
Error: 677700
Well, as far as I know, macOS only likes (by default) MTP/PTP for cameras only, or at least for photo storage. The calc will actually show up in the photo import builtin program but won't list any TI files. The errors you're getting might be unsupported commands etc.

I'm making a web UI for transfers, for now it supports receiving files from the calc only: https://tiplanet.org/scripts/webmtp

Anyway, great job jacobly Smile
Works pretty great for me on Ubuntu 20.04, great job! Very Happy
jacobly wrote:
Android 11 (Using the builtin Files app, check notifications after connecting the usb cable to open).

So that makes this the first way to transfer files to and from a calc on a phone? Awesome!
At first I thought this was basically vapor, and then I *actually* read the thread lmao.
This seems a pretty nifty idea. Basically a program downloader with a web interface to presumably transmit local files?
What is MTP protocol though? I tried searching it on Google and got nonsense about blood transfusions, and one link about media transfer protocol. Is the latter correct?
Correct, it's the USB Media Transfer Protocol.
Awesome work Jacobly! I couldn't seem to get it working with either of my CE's but the issue just turned out to be between the keyboard and the chair (installing the correct clibs fixed it). Laughing Just for fun, I tried connecting the CEs together and running Cesium's USB abilities on the host side. I wasn't expecting this to work and it didn't, I got

event: 1
event: 2
event: 4
error: ABF700

before I unplugged them.

Plugging/unplugging the calculator really confused TI Connect CE at one point and it thought two calculators were connected when there was only one. Laughing
This is awesome.
It works fine on Ubuntu MATE 20.04 (using caja), but not on my mac. I suspect this is for the same reason that Linky68K fails to work.
Oxiti8 wrote:
jacobly wrote:
Android 11 (Using the builtin Files app, check notifications after connecting the usb cable to open).

So that makes this the first way to transfer files to and from a calc on a phone? Awesome!
WebUSB works on Android, so I think that honor goes to ticalc.link.
Indeed, and anyway, if all one has for communicating with a calculator is a phone / tablet, using ticalc.link is a prerequisite for bootstrapping the usage of prgmTRANSFER.
ticalc.link could be made to perform more than listing and transferring files, since TI's protocol is much richer than MTP.
could you get this working for mac os as well?
See my comment above, for macOS.
I did get it to work a while ago with a third party MTP software though. Oh well.
I have confirmed that it works perfectly fine on macOS with the randomly selected program Android File Transfer. I don't know what else you want me to do, I can't magically change the OS to support it OOTB.
OK I've been having a lot of fun with this and I tried it on a few different devices. I figured I should post which I found are compatible with the program.

    Windows 10
    Linux Mint 5.11.13
    Android 8.1
Not Compatible:
    Android 4.4
    iOS 9.3.5
    iOS 14.5
    TI-84 Plus CE (using Cesium)

I'd like to know what Android version started supporting MTP in the Files app rather than just the Gallery. I can't easily find an answer to this since all the articles are about using the Android device in MTP mode.
iOS predictably tried to open the calculator in Photos, but found nothing to import. Maybe if I jailbroke I could get it working but It'll be a while before I can try that.
I wasn't expecting Cesium to work (Transfer uses a totally different protocol) but I couldn't resist trying anyways. I think it'd be amusing to run a program directly off of another calculator without fully transferring it. Laughing
It works on Mac OS 10.11 with Android File Transfer Very Happy Keep up the great work!
I have a TI 48 Plus CE-T and Tilp didn't work, but now I don't have this problem anymore; thank you! Very Happy
Hey, I tried using this on me and my sibling's calcs and couldn't get it to work; they're both rev-L's with OS 5.4.0 and Transfer 0.0.3b with "some version" of USBDRVCE I found in my downloads folder. On both calcs it comes up with the normal screen but then immediately crashes. Your link to the nightly USBDRVCE libs is dead so I can't be sure if I have the latest version of it (couldn't build it from source on the CEdev toolchain either because my brain is smoother than an uncooked chicken breast). Is there a working link to a functional release?
Try my backed up libraries: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al_ZukYl7Xyy4QoaCKLEF_bLEfhf
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