I just uploaded my latest game: Tiny Jumper for the TI-84 CE! It will take a couple of days to get approved, of course, but I will take this opportunity to explain what this game even is.

Tiny Jumper is a speed-running platformer. You control a tiny square and try to beat each of the 15 levels. For an extra challenge, each level has a golden time you can try to beat. Getting golden times unlocks different colors for your square and such.

The purpose of this forum is for people to post their best times, share tricks and glitches, or whatever.
Oooh, that sounds fun! Can't wait to try it!
This is the leaderboard for Tiny Jumper records. (It is currently empty, so please post some high scores people.)


EDIT: I will be updating the high scores in the spreadsheet as they are posted here. The top 3 high scores will be posted in the spreadsheet.
Here are my best times right now:
  • Level 1: 9.26
  • Level 2: 12.70
  • Level 3: 7.33
  • Level 4: 4.90
  • Level 5: 7.56
  • Level 6: 8.63
  • Level 7: 16.56
  • Level 8: 11.90
  • Level 9: 9.76
  • Level 10: 8.73
  • Level 11: 8.36
  • Level 12: 8.30
  • Level 13: 10.80
  • Level 14: 11.93
  • Level 15: 15.36
  • Bonus Level: 11.36
If you want pictures for proof I can post them later today.

This was a fun game, getting the gold time is a fun challenge requiring a reasonable amount of optimization. I'll likely improve my times in some of the levels, but for now I guess I'm at the top of the leaderboard Razz.
I am posting my scores since Rocco requested, but I can't (as Rocco knows) put up pictures yet since my camera battery just died. However, you don't have to count these as real till I take the pictures. Very Happy

▪ Level 1: 9.30
▪ Level 2: 13.40
▪ Level 3: 7.36
▪ Level 4: 4.63 (finally I did better than Jeffitus xD)
▪ Level 5: 7.66
▪ Level 6: 9.46
▪ Level 7: 17.73
▪ Level 8: 12.26
▪ Level 9: 10.70
▪ Level 10: 9.33
▪ Level 11: 8.56
▪ Level 12: 8.63
▪ Level 13: 11.36
▪ Level 14: 11.50
▪ Level 15: 15.83
▪ Bonus Level: 11.80
I just improved all of my times except for level 13 Smile.
  • Level 1: 9.10
  • Level 2: 12.33
  • Level 3: 7.23
  • Level 4: 4.10
  • Level 5: 7.53
  • Level 6: 8.60
  • Level 7: 16.46
  • Level 8: 11.33
  • Level 9: 9.30
  • Level 10: 8.60
  • Level 11: 7.86
  • Level 12: 7.96
  • Level 14: 11.13
  • Level 15: 12.16
  • Bonus Level: 11.13
Album containing all of the images: https://imgur.com/a/eCnjq4i (they're a little out of order but they should all be there).
Well, I didn't get any record times, but I played through the whole game and enjoyed it. Fantastic job!
I'm slow so far, but it's a lot of fun! Nice work Smile
Thank you to everyone who has downloaded Tiny Jumper and keep up with the high scores; they’re looking great. I also wanted to announce that there is now a user bar for Tiny Jumper that was created by TIny_Hacker. I personally want to thank him for such an amazing job on it. I would recommend TIny_Hacker for all of your graphics needs!
Hey now, this is pretty fun! I hope there'll be more levels someday, what's here is insane so far and those gold times are extremely tight. I got a few times that are worth uploading, although most of mine are still pretty unoptimized, so should I take pictures of the "Best time:" on the level menu? If I take a picture of the ending screen there's no way to know which level is which. And I also noticed the little references and inspiration for the death screen, I definitely approve!
King Dub Dub wrote:
so should I take pictures of the "Best time:" on the level menu?

Just take pictures of your best time on the level menu.
Good job on the game Rocco! It was very fun and entertaining. Here are my times on the levels, I spent a bit of time optimizing all of them.

▪ Level 1: 8.73
▪ Level 2: 12.26
▪ Level 3: 7.00
▪ Level 4: 3.80
▪ Level 5: 7.06
▪ Level 6: 7.70
▪ Level 7: 16.06
▪ Level 8: 11.30
▪ Level 9: 8.90
▪ Level 10: 8.53
▪ Level 11: 7.20
▪ Level 12: 7.80
▪ Level 13: 10.73
▪ Level 14: 2.33
▪ Level 15: 12.10
▪ Bonus Level: 11.06

Here is the link to the pictures of the times: https://imgur.com/a/J4LRZE4

For level 14, I found a shortcut which saved a lot of time. You can use the very edge of the first anti-gravity section to launch you up and over the spike onto the upper platform, and then jump up into the final anti-gravity section and up to the box to finish the level.
Cole_G wrote:
For level 14, I found a shortcut which saved a lot of time. You can use the very edge of the first anti-gravity section to launch you up and over the spike onto the upper platform, and then jump up into the final anti-gravity section and up to the box to finish the level.

Good job on finding that super nice trick in level 14. That's probably my favorite trick in the game. See if you can get a faster time.
I finally managed to get all the Gold times (except for the bonus).. Good fun! Reminded me a lot of grinding out Crash Bandicoot 3 back in the day to get the relics!
I got the easter egg! But, as I went to get a picture my brother quit the game and turned off the calculator cause he thought it was wasting battery... Mad However, for proof I made this little mockup of what it looks like (link to image cause it's in a way a spoiler)
All right, I've updated Tiny Jumper. Fixed a glitch with the anti-gravity and made some small changes to the UI. Also, I made the screen that says "Wow, you did it. Your time was:" also display the level number. Which brings me to my second point: I am changing the rules on how to upload your times to ensure there is no cheating. This won't affect previous records, just the ones from now on. Instead of taking a picture of the time from the main menu, you need to post the time from the "Wow you did it" screen.
Well done, Cole_G! That is a nice skip in level 14, I tried something like that but gave up on it when I first tried to optimize it. That being said, here are my latest times. All of these either beat or tie the current records.
  • Level 1: 8.73 (tied)
  • Level 2: 12.26 (tied)
  • Level 3: 7.00 (tied)
  • Level 4: 3.73
  • Level 5: 7.00
  • Level 6: 7.43
  • Level 7: 16.03
  • Level 8: 10.93
  • Level 9: 8.83
  • Level 10: 8.46
  • Level 11: 6.00
  • Level 12: 7.73
  • Level 13: 10.30
  • Level 14: 1.50
  • Level 15: 11.93
  • Bonus Level: 10.80

Proof here: https://imgur.com/a/hSRSHSa (note that all of these were either done yesterday or this morning, so before the new version and rule change).

I feel like a better leaderboard setup would be to show each person's best time, since with the current setup someone can appear on the leaderboard multiple times, which is a little confusing.

I also found a faster way to do level 11. It's not as crazy as level 14 but it was significant enough to save over a second vs. the previous record, so I figured I'd share it. First, do the first jumps well enough to not slow down at all. Then, fall off the last platform to reach the button, but start pressing left before you hit it. If done just right, you should be able to skip the platform to the left of the button (If not done perfectly you can still get a pretty good time by landing on that platform). Then jump until you reach the platform that is second from the left. If you jump off this platform, you should be able to reach the goal, as long as you are holding left.


With some competition from Joshv in the discord, I've been playing again. I tied his record on level 3 (6.96) and got a new record on level 8 (10.30).


(another edit):

I just found the (in retrospect extremely obvious) skip in level 10; using this strat I've gotten 6.03 like 5 times. https://i.imgur.com/D66EINh

Late yesterday I improved 10 to 6.00 and 2 to 12.23: https://imgur.com/a/wllSjmC
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