How do I write a C program for Ti-84+CE so that it can run in the background and I can do normal calculator functions and it activates when I press a specified keystroke?
The most likely solution would be to use a 'hook' - these are a feature of the OS that allows you to gain control before, during or after certain OS operations, such as keypresses or calculations. There is some general information here (for the 83+ but it's the same concept):

The issue on the CE is that apps are not allowed, so you need to be careful/creative as a hook is expected to be in the same location at all times. If something overwrites RAM or a garbage collect occurs then it may be marked invalid or even crash.

You can find most hook addresses in the os include file:

There are 83 plus examples on the wiki here with examples, the raw key hook is a good one to look at:

The concept is basically the same for the CE.
I'll take this opportunity to plug cap'nhook, my hook manager for the CE. :p
There are a few example programs there that you can modify to see how it works.
Thank you for your fast responses! I will go look at that. Smile
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