Hi. Some of you may remember that one game I made back in 20-something-or-other called TheButton. It had one button, and eventually a leaderboard. It wasn't very good but people liked it :D

About- sheesh, well over 100 days ago?!- I started working on a complete rewrite of TheButton. Creatively, it is called TheButton2, and you can play it at https://thebutton2-official.web.app/. It's about on par with the original game currently, but its implementation affords me a lot more freedom for things like teams (:O).

It's kinda been floating around in some private discord servers and in SAX and IRC for a short while, so I thought I'd post it here so I can get some more people playing (sorry fghsgh!).

On that note, I experimented with ads a bit so I can earn Pennies to fund further Fun Things. If you do not like this, you are welcome to use your adblocker of choice. I totally respect your decision and won't shame you for it. (This is for earning Pennies for Fun Things, not earning Dollars for Actual Life Things)

As far as technical details go, it's 11:41 PM and I'll write more up in the future (famous last words) but the backend is in node.js on my raspberry pi- the same hardware xkcdbot runs on. Stuff is shuffled through firebase mostly so that I could be lazy and reuse code from tb1 and not have to deal with router things.

This database is experimental- it may be wiped/rolled back/etc at any time for major updates
I enjoy TB2 (even though I'm not as hard-core as fghsgh Razz ), so I'll be whitelisting the site so as to help you earn some pennies for fun things. Thanks for letting me know you've added ads, I wouldn't have known since my adblocker is almost always on. Good luck, and may you earn many pennies! Very Happy
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