Hello, I`m trying to get a random value between a negative comma value and a positive (comma) value.
For example between -2.5 and 1.5.
I can use for this:

B-A→C            //C=difference of A and B
A+rand*C→R       //R=random value between A and B

But this is not very efficient (especially in a loop which should work fast),
so does somebody know how to make it better?
Is it possible to use just one command and I missed something?
SOLUTIONS: (found help at the chat)

If your program alredy has stored A and B (or what variables you need),
this command line will work pretty good:


If your values are constant, you won`t need to store them extra as variables to use them in the command line descibed above. You just put the values in the code from above:

-2.5+rand*(1.5- -2.5)→R

or better:


You can also do this:


it will work of course too with values with
more than 1 digit behind the comma:

//example values: -17,70731 and 17.70731


And don`t forget: this routines work also with two negative or two positive values!
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