What are your guys' childhood before you became a programmer (or whatever you are interested in now). What types of TV shows did you watch? What video games did you play? Did you go outside a lot and play with friends? What toys did you play with?
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About me:

I was interested in many TV shows when I was younger. I loved Popeye, Gumby, the Little Einsteins, Spongebob, Thomas the Tank Engine, and a few others I cannot recall. I used to play Mario Kart 64, New Super Mario Bros, and Mario Party 8. I occasionally went outside, but not very much. The toys that were popular to me at the time were toy cars. I would ask for them all the time. I loved making "cities" with different things (like boxes, books, paper, etc.) and for some reason, I was super into traffic lights. I would make paper ones all the time and put them all over the house and pretend to be a car.

What did you guys do?
BioHazard wrote:
What types of TV shows did you play?

As a child, we'd be too young to play shows like Family Feud and Cash Cab.

I used to watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune a lot, as well as Spongebob, Amazing world of Gumball, Gravity falls, and Fairly odd Parents.
I also used to mess around on an easel-whiteboard; throughout my childhood, like now, I played mostly Pokémon and Minecraft.
BioHazard wrote:
What video games did you play?

I didn't start playing video games until 4th grade, but the first game I finished (with my family) is Super Mario 3D World for Wii U. I also played a fair amount of Mario Kart 8.

BioHazard wrote:
What types of TV shows did you play?

When I was little, I used to watch Super Why, Bubble Guppies, and Sesame Street. As I got older, I stopped watching TV.
I didn't watch anything else besides PBS kids.

My first experience with video games is on my brother's Gameboy Advance SP (Pokemon Fire Red). I was maybe 4 or 5 at the time so I could barely read the dialogue which meant getting stuck frequently. My brother gave me the Gameboy once he got his DS, but I kept losing to trainer battles and eventually gave up- I don't think I ever beat the game either. I watched my brother play Pokemon Diamond his DS (which he would eventually pass down to me) and I remember his Fearow just OKO'ing everything with drill peck. Looking back, I don't know where he caught that Fearow since all I remember were starlings and Gen 4 Pokemon. He must've transferred it over from the Fire Red save.

Of course, we'd play flash games with our friends as well. Territory war was a game that you can easily play with friends since it was turn based by having another person switch turns with using the keyboard. However, when we moved, we lost the website because we didn't ask our friends what the link to the list of flash games were called. Fortunately, a couple of new friends introduced us to this site called "Miniclip" and I found numerous tower defense games, Raft Wars, Rubble Trouble, and much more. I'd eventually find a place called "andkon" which hosted even more flash games than I could imagine.

I went to this summer school where the we would duel each other in Yu-Gi-Oh during breaks. I got destroyed by pretty much everybody, but it was still exciting to be watching and screaming over someone else's lucky draw. The other kids introduced me to Minecraft and, as a third grader at the time, I naturally got hooked to the game. I ran the game at a smooth and groundbreaking 20 FPS (on a good day with optifine and 4 chunk render distance). I wouldn't have been around my computer nearly as long if it weren't for Minecraft (eventually did a bit of modding and wanted to make my own games etc. etc. the usual 'how I got into programming'), and I have to owe much of my interest in computers in general to Minecraft. Smile
As a child, I was a programmer.
I think, when I will be adult I will want to forget anything in my childhood.
I got interested in programming when I was around 10 years old. I was on my chromebook when I found something called " Linux " That you could install on said chromebook. I completed the installation and found out that some black box called the "terminal' was really useful, and boom, I can do a whole lot in Ubuntu now.

Before I got into "coding", (more like doing weird stuff in a terminal), I was the nerdiest kid in school. I have been playing guitar and tennis since I was six. I used to have an old nintendo DS that I played a whole lot of MarioKart and Pokemon Heartgold on. (I was upgraded to a 3ds later on)
me and my friends, on library days, grinded on these so called educational games on abcya.com, we would see who would get the farthest in games like Duck Life before the 30 minutes were up, really fun. I installed linux on an unrestricted school computer once, never got caught, and flexed to my friends, who were like dood ur hacking.

i watched Adult Swim and Rick and Morty as a child. Great show.

I played Minecraft and Pokemon's first generations. I was required to buy a calculator for 8th grade, found Cemetech, and here I am. Me and the boys were playing epic games during recess, like four square and tag. i was cool so I wasn't into such meager things as toys. I had this stuffed animal dog named Fluffy, though.
Back when this tuber was but a growing spud, I was a very closed person, personality-wise. I wasn't all that interesting (and I'm still sorta not). I had quite a few friends in school, but it wasn't until late in middle school that I started hanging out with them outside of school. I was the shy but smart kid, who loved to make expressive voices when he was reading a paragraph aloud. Sometimes, the teachers held up my attitude and skills as an example for the class; that really didn't help with my shyness. The most egregious example took place when my class had to take timed quizzes about multiplication facts. "He can do the quiz in a minute because he studies. You can do it, too. So study!" Plot twist: I practically never studied in elementary school, which I came to realize was a curse in high school...

I've never owned a video game console, but I did go to a local organization that had an XBox 360. The Kinect was fun. I used to go to the library to play Flash games. At least when Flash Player wasn't crying about not being updated. I usually went to Nick Games, Cool Math, Poptropica, Funbrain, PlaySushi, and Kongregate. I never owned that many toys, because I just used my imagination as a toy. "This old camera we got from a thrift shop is actually home to miniature alien invaders. Don't let them dock near the Long-mouthed Port, or we'll be in big trouble, captain!"

The closest I got to "real" games back then were on this Brew OS phone with Verizon's Java game store. A whopping 31 megabytes of storage afforded me about fifteen games' worth of enjoyment. I used to ask Mom for a $15 phone recharge every two weeks just so I could buy a few in-game upgrades or scour the Web on a 240p screen using WAP for a dollar a day. Fun times. (I wonder if Cemetech had a WAP-compatible site back then...)

When it came to watching TV, I usually watched PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, or Cartoon Network. The shows I remember most are Cyberchase, Word Girl, Electric Company, SpongeBob, Phineas & Ferb, ANT Farm, MAD, and Destroy Build Destroy. I could go on about these shows' names and other aspects of my early childhood, but I don't think you're in the mood for a massive wall of text invading your pupils Razz
A long time ago, when I was but a smol ladd with an insatiable urge to destroy everything in sight and scrap it for parts or learning opportunities. I was born with positional plagiocephaly, which means I spent so much time upside in the womb that part of my head was flat. I've been told by my parents that there were no lasting effects left from it or the helmet that reshaped my head, and that my tests for autism and such came back negative. I'm 100% sure that they're lying through their teeth, and that I was not simply just a "weird kid." From a young age, I was obsessed with clocks. I'd stare at them for hours and loved looking at the mechanisms. I didn't change much growing up, I'm still very immature, can't sit in any normal position and have to be splayed out on the floor to do anything comfortably, I love tinkering with mechanical and electrical doodads, and I'm extremely weird. My best friends were at a homeschool group in elementary school, where we started a fascist cult and talked about Nintendo games. I pretty much only played Mario games back then, Super Mario Galaxy 2 being my favorite, although I did use a site called Zoodles for all my flash game needs. PBS kids was my main source of entertainment besides drawers full of VCR tapes of all sorts of shows I can't really remember, except for The Land Before Time and a whole lot of The Wiggles. I lost a lot of those friends when I went to a real school after a while, although some of them I've found and talked to again. When I went to a "real school" I quickly discovered the school library was easily the most fun place to be, and I proceeded to read literally everything I could, I would have been allowed to read the high-school section but the librarian couldn't let me, although she wanted me too. After that I became a disgusting middleschooler, as all humans become at a certain point, and I finished the highschool section off and soon ran out of time for reading or any hobbies. I technically am still in my childhood now (for another 7 days until become legally old at 1Cool, but really I'm still the same bizarre child who did everything from seeing which color of play-dough tasted the best (blue) to writing obscenely long and boring posts on the internet.
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