Would you play this game?
yes, every day
 34%  [ 11 ]
 43%  [ 14 ]
 18%  [ 6 ]
 3%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 32

It should work now
This is really cool! I'm impressed at all you've managed to do so far, and the gameplay is awesome! I also love all the upgrade tiers, and you've included some of my favorite towers!

Keep up the great work! Very Happy
This is indeed a very cool Tower Defense game. I like the different balloons and towers. However it seems to suffer from the same problem as my own ICE game, where the latest C libs won't run the game (in your case, the calculator crashes), which kinda worries me about the future of already released ICE games. D: As for the game itself I was wondering when the first level ended? Because it seemed to go on forever even after my health reached zero.
Thank you; the game isn't finished, so you can't die and you still have a lot of money.

A huge problem while developing is that some loops seem to get crazy as mentioned in previous posts. Also I thought about changing the way I check if a ballon gets hit, because it gets very slow.
So I thought about inserting very strong ballons, so there would be less ones on the field. Anotjer idea is to categorise the ballons in sections, so not every dart would have to check every balloons if he hits one. (But this could also make other difficulties...)
I also thought about a smaller field, so darts could fly smoother out of the field, because they're noclip.

Would you like to have a special tower? (Btw: I don't have mutch time, so maybe I will not finish this project)
Ah, I meant the old version. Thanks anyways, though!
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