After having a mosey around the archives here and on, I found quite a few renditions of the Oregon Trail game.
There is a color version for the CE, a version that fits in a tweet for the 68k series, a simplified text-based version for the 83/84+, and a very full-featured text-based version for the 83/84+.

But, all of these are just renditions, and aren't true ports of the game. They are based on Oregon Trail, but they aren't the real Oregon Trail.

So, I did some digging, and found the source code for the original Oregon Trail that was released in 1974/75 by the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium. The original ran on an HP2100 minicomputer running HP Time-Shared BASIC. This is what the graphical versions for the Commodore 64 and Apple II were based on. Being non-graphical, and interfaced via teletype, this is probably not the version you are familiar with. Here is a Youtube video (not mine) that goes though some emulated gameplay.

So, BASIC being BASIC, I ported it to TI-BASIC! I have only tested it on an 84+, but the only commands used are If, Disp, Pause, Lbl, Goto, ClrHome, Output(, and Stop, so it your 83-series calculator has 19k RAM free, then it should work!

Here is a direct download link to the OREGNTRL.8xp

This is not just a port though. This is a line-by-line direct translation, only inserting more Disp commands, Pause commands, and a slight modification to the resource screen layout. I even left in the line numbers and the REM's from the original. All the Goto logic is the same, replacing line numbers with Lbl's. All variables have been kept (there were 28 in the original, but one of them was always 7), and the HP2100's DATA structure has been emulated using lists and finance variables. (Do finance variables make it less compatible with some calcs?)

This is my first time porting something this large (19kB), so if you would like to test it and report to me any errors, I would love the feedback! It should work on the color 84's as well, though the text will be squished to the 16 leftmost columns.

If there aren't too many bugs, I'll submit it to the Archives.
That is so cool - porting a game from the 70's! Let alone a direct translation of the original code!
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