What is the best completed project of November 2020?
BOS for CEmu
 16%  [ 4 ]
Calculator in Minecraft
 36%  [ 9 ]
Maze Dash
 36%  [ 9 ]
Story Game
 12%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 25

November was another busy month for Cemetech members with lots of great releases! Without further ado, here's what went down!
  • A dragon on the CE!: Privacy_Dragon has started a virtual pet-like program based on the book series Dragan Duma. They're just brainstorming right now but it looks promising!
  • BOS for CEmu: beckadamtheinventor just combined two of his projects: noti-eZ80 which is an open-source boot ROM, and BOS which is a custom OS, into a single ROM image you can use in CEmu! It's an awesome project that even has USB support for Linux devices. Be warned it's not designed for use on a physical calculator, but you can have as much fun as you want with it in CEmu!
  • Calculator In Minecraft: Many of us are aware of redstone programming in Minecraft, a mechanic analogous to circuit design in 3D space. _iPhoenix_ has taken this to a whole new level and created a working calculator that can add, subtract, store numbers, and even looks like a TI-84 Plus CE! It's an impressive project with an equally impressive writeup, go check it out!
  • Day of Week Calculate tool: Privacy_Dragon has released a smaller version of their tool that will tell you what day it was on any date. It's more accurate than TI's built-in DayofWk( command and pretty small so go try it!
  • DIY Astrophotography Camera: Creating your own camera from scratch is no easy task, but Botboy3000 is making good progress figuring out how the odd components work and developing a circuit that will control them. That doesn't mean help isn't appreciated, if you've got advice, Botboy3000 would love to hear it!
  • ez80 and z80 syntax highlighting for Visual Studio Code: Liberal_Eater has updated their syntax highlighting extension for VS with some creature comforts such as documentation appearing when you hover over it, and the ability to search for documentation. Go try it out if you enjoy programming ASM in Visual Studio!
  • Jetpack Joyride for the TI-84 Plus CE: Great progress has been made on porting the popular mobile game Jetpack Joyride! This month, King Dub Dub added missiles, corrected the size of the coin sprites. Despite the headache of updating the project to the new toolchain, development is going quickly with lasers planned in the near future!
  • Latest News on TI-Trek: ACagliano has continued his steady development of the first major online multiplayer TI-84 Plus CE game TI-Trek. This month they've started adding particle effects like cracks on the screen. They've also released a new beta version which adds a chatting system and a custom firewall! There's a lot of great progress with lots of screenshots so go check it out!
  • Maze Dash CE [C]: matkeller19 has released a port of the mobile game Maze Dash to TI-84 Plus CE! It's an awesome puzzle game nearing 300 levels total so you have plenty of content to last you for hours! Go try it out with the download in the thread!
  • Mode-7 style Pseudo-3D on Ti-83+: Everyone loves 3D programs on calculators, so Crazy_Fox2 has been working on a Mode-7 style 3D racing game! This month they've worked on optimization and managed to improve the speed by 75%! There are a few videos of demo content so go give it a look!
  • Organizer CSE/CE: RoccoLox Programs has released a patch to their powerful program that keeps track of calendar events, tasks, and contacts. Now the date will show up normally again so you won't be left wondering what year you've landed yourself in!
  • Pi84--, BUILD your OWN Linux-powered TI-84+ calculator!: Muessigb has released the PCB files for their custom TI-84 Plus modification that turns it into a Linux machine! Now you can create the project yourself, assuming you already have the software to view it. Visit the thread for more information on it!
  • Random Demos: jacobly graphed some polynomials.
  • RoulCE: New member ZebraVogel has started work on a roulette wheel program for the TI-84 Plus CE. The wheel sprite is very beautiful and the performance is really great already! Go show the author some support!
  • Story game for the TI-84+ CE: Inspired by Storycubes, Privacy_Dragon has released a game written in C that provides 16 random words from a 100-word database. With these words, you get to create a story out of them! It's a neat program so go try it out with the download link in the thread!
  • Suzan: Wavejumper3 has started work on creating a chat-bot in TI-Basic. Despite the awful setback of the program getting deleted, a backup was saved so progress can continue! Go show the author so support!
  • Tanks! CE: Massive changes have been made to commandblockguy's port of Tanks! from the Wii. They've switched languages to C++, adjusted the code so objects are stored in memory better, and object collision is improved! There's far too much information to fit in a brief description, so check out the thread and see what's changed, there's even a screenshot of progress!
  • tihle: calculator emulation without ROMs: Tari has updated his amazing project which lets you emulate .8xp programs without requiring a calculator ROM! He's worked on improving the interactive debugger. Check it out and play some calculator games!
  • VYSION CE - the ultimate CE shell: epsilon5 has finally revealed a secret project he's been working on for two months, a Windows-like shell with a full filesystem, a taskbar, and tons of customization! For those unsatisfied with Cesium, this may be the shell for you. The shell looks beautiful so go visit the thread and check out the screenshots!

That's all for this month, catch you in the next one for the final PotM of 2020!
Just a reminder there's only one day left for the poll. Get your votes in!
Thanks for putting this together, TheLastMillennial! Got my vote in. Smile
Oh man, it looks like _iPhoenix_'s Calculator in Minecraft tied with matkeller19's Maze Dash CE! Congratulations to both!
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