This is my thing to post code from my 68k basic version of Suzan.
I will still release a 84+ program, but not yet.
Here is my code. It doesn’t work for some reason, if anyone could help, that would he belpful:
(And if someone could show me how to make it look like pastebin, also helpful)

Local find,num
Define num(list,i)=Func
Return inString(list,”;”&right(format(i/100000),5))+5
Define find(inpu,lis,maxi)=Func
Local str,a
For i, 1, maxi
num(lis, i)->a
If str=inpu
Return i
Return -1

Local in, out
While in != “s”
InputStr “>”, in
find(in, ”;00001Hi;00002Duck;”, 2)->out
Disp out


Thats it. Can anyone tell me what is wrong here?
You could use [code]code[/code].
Ok, so i guess i gotta update....
I am working on the compression algorithm (the real meat of the program).
The idea is, it would take two inputs and outputs that are similar, and smush them together.
For instance...

>I like dogs
Dogs are cool
>I like cats
Cats are cool

Instead of two separate q/a pairs, the algorithm would “smush them together” into

>i like *
* are cool

Of course this example doesn't work in all cases (e.x. “I like food”, but you get the idea)

This algorithm is hell to implement. So yeah, that’s the update!
Suggestion for "I like food":

CHeck for an "S" at the end of the noun. If it does not pick up one, add an "S" at the end of the string

Ex. "I like food"
Get String length -> A
Check for letter s at (last letter of string aka length of string)
If the last letter is not s
foods are cool
food(whatever last word of string is) are cool

(This is not optimized at all and most of my string manipulation techniques derive from Scratch 3 but you get the idea)
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