So I just recently finished my own xlibc color picker. It is a simple program that's written for web browsers (written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). It is easy to use and lets a person see, very clearly, what an xlibc color looks like. It also displays the TI-OS colors, so a person can compare them with the xlibc colors. All someone needs is a web browser to run it in. I figured that programmers (people writing C programs on the CE) may find this to be very useful. If anyone is interested in this program, please let me know.

Visuals for people to enjoy:
Nice work! I believe I most often used to pop open TokenIDE when I needed to check the color palette while writing ASM programs for the CSE, so this is much more convenient.
I was wondering .. are you planning to make this into a website or a chrome application of some sort?
I have not (as of right now) given a ton of thought into what I am going to do with this. (Especially considering that I just finished it today and I started it yesterday.) I know that I will not be making this into an actual website. (Unless the admins added it to Cemetech. No pressure though.) Up to this point, I was just thinking of giving it out to people or even uploading it to the archives (since it is only one file). A Chrome application would be nice, but I feel like it would kind of defeat the purpose of it being a very compatible program (since it would have to be run on Chrome).
This is awesome! If I were you, I would use a service such as Github Pages to host the site. (especially if you already have a Github account)
Yes. That's a good idea and I just think that I will end up doing that.
The Xlibc Color Picker is now available to the public! You can either download it (to use offline) or use it online. The links for both are posted below. Please enjoy!

Website Link

Download Link

A couple suggestions/ideas:

Perhaps you could make the TIOS colors display their equivalent value when clicked.
It would also be nice to have a sort of outline around whichever color you currently have selected, so that people know which one it is if they want it to be just a little darker or something.

But great work! If I write programs for the CE, this will become a very useful resource.
This is super cool! Good Idea

I have one suggestion, how about making the mouse be a pointer when you hover over the table? You could use something like:
cursor: pointer;
in your CSS.

I also think that Michael0x18's suggestion about TI-OS colors would be a good idea.
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