If I added multiplayer for this (same protocols as Trek), how many people would play?
 77%  [ 41 ]
 13%  [ 7 ]
Not Likely
 9%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 53

ACagliano wrote:
I'll get it up soon. I kind of have been restructuring server stuffs.

It’s still 404’d
I just realized I never made this link available.

Disclaimer: this is beta...hasn't been tested in years. Hasn't been built in years. I make no promises of its stability. Use at your own risk.
Thank You! Been wondering what has happened to this for months now, had to resort to fixing a semi broken 84+ basic version
edit: This is stable with the new C libs
Some suggestions if you are invested in updating this after seeing that it is in working order:
-A README file, was not expecting the use of the arrow keys as drawing and discarding as the 2nd, alpha and enter keys usually do that sort of job, could of been nicer to know that before hand
-UNO call, unless there was a key for that I did not notice any way to call an UNO
-Local multiplayer, maybe include this by making use of the USB mini Master & Slave cable that comes with the CE or by the age old practice of passing the calculator
-A more compact UI for 8 player UNO
Where can I find it?
Zytue67 wrote:
Where can I find it?

Look up about 2 posts
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