Just a few days left in 2020 and we want to thank you for being a part of what makes Cemetech an awesome community. Together, you guys have created more than 635 topics this year and contributed more than 5,541 posts totaling more than 626,302 words. 33 new programmers have contributed files to the archives this year as well, and 221 new programs have been uploaded. Collectively, the programs in our archives have seen 203,837 downloads this year, and growing by ~560 downloads a day.

We've had pretty big news this year too! From our first contest in about 18 months, changes to the way our Archives are stored and presented, and other backend changes.

We're excited for 2021 and would love to hear about your ambitions for the next year.
Merry Christmas, Alex! c:
Merry Christmas dudes. Toast to the new year. 🍻 In responsible groups of 10 people or less ofc Rolling Eyes

This upcoming year, I hope to delve into my knowledge of C and hopefully create some games on the TI84+CE for the community to enjoy. Smile

Alex wrote:
Together, you guys have created more than 635 topics this year and contributed more than 5,541 posts totaling more than 626,302 words.

Does this include all the spam posts? Razz
KaluW_ wrote:
Does this include all the spam posts? Razz

In the grand scheme of things, no. However, it's plausible that spam posts are included in the numbers used to calculate the yearly totals as those data points are saved weekly. So if a spam post persisted past the weekly summation then that spam post would be included. But the post would be deleted and the count for the next week would "correct" that while still being a net positive count.

If we had 50 new topics one week and 3 of them were spam that weren't deleted. The script would count 4450 total topics. The next week we may get 50 again but it'd count 4497 topics since the last weeks 3 spam topics were deleted.
Merry Christmas!
Thanks for the pic Privacy_Dragon! Love the Christmas tree ASCII art on the calculator.
I was going through some data for the last few years and saw interesting trends.

Major ticks every year and broken up into quarters.

Here we have all the downloads and submitted programs from 2013 through 2020. Every year in the third quarter the downloads skyrocket then plateau; the biggest jump seems to be 2018. It's pretty neat to see the downloads increase when students and programmers get their new graphing calculators. It shows that the work you guys do to keep Cemetech the community it is by creating these programs and topics is recognized year over year.

Red Triangle: DCS8 Release
Red Star: Oriam Release
Red Octogon: TI-84 Plus CE Serial Library
Pink Dot: Archives Overhaul

But let's zoom in on the 2019 to 2020 timeframe.

Major ticks every half year and broken up months.

This is what got my eye the most. We're all familiar with the quarantines the pandemic brought on in early 2020. It's fascinating to see that manifest in our data. The first three months of 2020 follow the slow trend set in the last half of 2019 while April saw the start of the surge of program uploads. In 2019 we had 107 new programs uploaded, meaning we had a ~200% increase in 2020. You guys created more and it shows, not just in these graphs but also in the Projects of the Months.

Let us zoom in some more.

Ticks every two weeks. Sorry for not keeping these graphs terribly consistent.

In early 2020 we updated the archives where we found and removed some program files that were missing, hence the decrease in the graphs. I've adjust the numbers so we can visualize what the numbers would have been.

Source: Twitter
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