As the title implies, Project TI-Trek will be hosting a second and final graphics contest. The purpose of this contest is to (1) settle on a default ship appearance for the game and (2) to ascertain the best dimensions/size limitations for the models we will allow players to submit. For this reason, the more contributions this contest has, the more data points we will have.

Nonetheless the guidelines for submissions are thus:

1) Your model should have a maximum cubic size of 128 (128x128x128). It may be smaller.
2) Your model should respect a soft-size limit of 5 MB.
3) Your model should be in .OBJ format (if you feel we should accept a different model format instead of, or in addition to, .obj, feel free to make the case in the thread here).
4) Email the submission, zipped (or gzipped), to or send it to me on discord at acagliano#3685.

The contest will end on Feb 15, 2021 at midnight.

As with the previous contest, the submissions will be scored by the gfxdev team, and the winner(s) will receive:
1) Their model featured as the default ship appearance in the game (in the event of a tie, both will be selectable)
2) Should they wish to provide a shipping address (via DM only), the same plaque that the winners of the icon-making contest won with a QR code providing an in-game reward (and when later implemented some other manner of prize). Should they not wish to provide that, a contributor's banner as well as a QR code sent via DM.

Happy modeling.
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