Hey its me again (:

I am making a basic text editor for the CE using ICE (I know) I won't be doing a whole lot with it at the moment, but after the 5th, my giant tests are over and ill be able to start doing a lot.

Things I am done with:
- displaying (not optimized)
- cursor movement
- using an appvar as storage instead of a string for chunky programs

Things I am working on:
- File reading (I need help with this, go to the bottom to see what is happening)
- shell support by opening a program with storing it in Ans (I think its done but can't test because problems with file reading)
- editing (basicly done)
- optimization of displaying code so it doesn't loop through every single character in the program scroll

These are the features I plan on adding soon:
- small settings: color changing, text size, cursor speed
- automatic ICE and BASM compilation on exit (might not do this if epilipson does with his shell)
- cut, copy, and paste (multi line later hopefully)
- undo (a bit later)
- indent for loops
- side scrolling for chunky lines

Features that are hopefully going to be added later:
- in-editor sprite editing
- limited redo so I don't have to deal with trees
- variable completion (kind of like tab complete)
- very slight syntax highlight (variables, loops)
- epic ICE things: sum() change to OpenVar() and others

As you can see, its mostly going to be used for ICE, but can be used for other things.

Ok, for file reading, I am having some troubles. I can read the first character with this code, but it freezes after the first one. I made sure to make the file "ABC" and put a bunch of lines and characters in it:

Sum(2,"ABC","r",5)→FILE         //open

If not(FILE)         //check if a file was opened
det(1          //end program

sum(18, FILE)→DATAPTR      //get the address
sum(16,FILE)→SIZE      //get the size

While SIZE>0
det(19,1,I*10+10      //set text location
det(17,sum(17,°DATAPTR,°LENT,°LENS))      //convert and print tokens

sum(3,FILE      //close

I tried making it as close as possible to this example of C (thanks to Mr. Lettuce.

Thanks Smile
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