Should an insane mode be included in 2.1.2?
Yes! Sounds fun!
 100%  [ 1 ]
No, save the space and release it sooner!
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 1

darkwater4213 wrote:
I've got an idea for you to pursue endlessly for days on end...

Port it to the CE. In full color. With pew-pew graphics and explosion-y effects and everything. Also make the TIE fighters shoot back. And have multiple on-screen at a time, and have the TIE fighters be harder to hit (viz., they move). Go the whole hog. Take up my entire archive. I don't care, just do it!

For one, the tie fighters DO shoot back- that’s the difficulty. And I wouldnt say that they’re easy to hit by any means…As for the CE port:

Sure. I mean, I didn’t make CEPORT for nothing, right?
I can do full color, with remade backgrounds for the menu- but extra effects during gameplay may not be possible at a decent speed.

TL;DR sure. Expect some news soon.

Oh and as for the axe port… havent started yet lel
Well, seems like the intro screen carries over quite well- Menu needs some work but this should be up and running on CE soon!

darkwater4213 wrote:
edit: obviously, i would have to be in c for this to actually work Neutral

Not really actually- I can accomplish a lot of these things in TI-BASIC (except maybe the multiple tie fighters thing) at a reasonable speed, and tbh a C port would be a lot harder for me to work on considering I’ve never used C on the CE before- idk maybe as X-Wing 2.4 (2.2 being the Celtic III version and 2.3 being the eventual Axe release)
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