Hello, the last few months I made a Sprite creator named Designer.

Please tell me, if you find any bugs (or suggestions for improvement), I will try to fix it.
Unfortunately, I found a bug when I exported a sprite and then closed a tab. I searched for a while to find out when the bug occurred, but couldn't figure it out, because everything worked fine again after a reset. I am now trying to tweak a few loops so that the program takes up less RAM and maybe this can fix the bugs ... Smile

Wow! This looks amazing. Do you thing the Fill Functions may affect the speed if I had a way bigger sprite? Keep up the Good work! Razz
Thank you;
It´s written in Ice, so I used the command "FloodFill". I tried it out, and it takes less than a second to fill a blank 128*128 (max size) Sprite...
I have now improved many parts of my source and thus the program also takes up less memory. Until now, I could not find any more bugs. Do you have any suggestions what I could add before I upload a new version?
New Version uploaded! Very Happy
You can download it here: https://www.cemetech.net/downloads/files/2128/x2310
I have a suggestion/request for your sprite creator. Could you use getKey( instead of getKey->K? The first method is way faster and also handles multiple keypresses at a single time. Otherwise, your sprite creator is awesome, and I have been using it a lot!
Hello randumguy, do you mean the ketkeys in the editor itself, or in the menus? I would use getkey( and add a little pause of maybe 100.
I've already thought about other extensions in the Main menu, such as changing the screen brightness with + - , or saving the color value by pressing enter in the OS variable C (but I would have to learn a little more about these variables) ...
I meant the getKeys in both the menus and editor itself. Moving the cursor around is kind of slow.
Hello, I Inclouded now a faster keypress by inserting a getkey label.
Does anyone has ideas for improvement?

And how can I write into the basic variables? I can change something with sum(2,“A“,“r+“,0) but I don´t know how to do other things...

Thank you!
I uploaded the new version with better key input: https://www.cemetech.net/downloads/files/2128/x2342
The response in the program is way better now! One bug I noticed is that every once in a while when I exit the program, the TI graphing screen automatically starts up.
Yeah same
Frederik wrote:

And how can I write into the basic variables? I can change something with sum(2,“A“,“r+“,0) but I don´t know how to do other things...

Thank you!

by basic variables do you mean all the variable letters, matrices, strings, and y=equations?
Thank you for your feedback, I´m using cesium so I didn´t notice this (but when executing it "normal" I have to press graph very long).

To fix it you can insert "getkey→KEY" at the very end of DSGN4SRC
I will fix this in next versions, but until then I would do it this way.

by basic variables do you mean all the variable letters, matrices, strings, and y=equations?

I would implement a function that when you press enter in the main menu, the color number would be stored into the variable C (which you can use in Ti-Basic), so you can paste it into your program. This would be helpful when you have to remember more than only one color...

What do you think about inserting an HSV color picker additional/instead of the RGB color picker?
Thanks for your reviews randomguy and TIny_Hacker Very Happy
(You have to press everything twice in the main menu so that you can use the key function (top right) without doing anything else)
New version without the graph-key bug and with dark mode:

Please tell me if you have any suggestions Smile
SO do I just transfer the designer program to my calculator, or all of the others in the folder as well?
You just need one designer programm (normal or dark version), the others are source code.
Is this program able to Save sprites to appvars for making games? Because I saved my 6582 byte sprites to a appvar through Designer and When I tried to display the sprites It showed random stuff.

Here is my code



I don't know if that is how that appvar feature is supposed to be used like this
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