oh hi it's been a while

So this is something I think either merth or KermM suggested to me some eight years ago. I, uh, got around to it.

clrhome-tools-php is (going to be) a set of PHP utilities split off and open-sourced from ClrHome's sprawling codebase to do a whole bunch of TI variable manipulation.

Currently, the most useful thing I've managed to clean off is Program.class.php, which—you guessed it—reads and writes program variables. It comes with a robust tokenizer, which means you can get and set the program body in the same syntax as IES (from which it was split) or TokenIDE (the original inspiration) as a character string. Some future utilities including a flash app signer and probably the rest of the variable types IES currently supports. (It's taking way too long getting these files ready for GitHub mostly because my code from eight years ago is moderately disgusting Smile )
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