Bought a calculator a few weeks ago. (Official reason: required for Calculus class. Unofficial reason: programmming games for the calculator)

I've recently learned C and started messing around with the toolchain's libraries.

I ended up with this:

Controls can be easily configured:


c.up_key = kb_KeyUp;
c.down_key = kb_KeyDown;
c.left_key = kb_KeyLeft;
c.right_key = kb_KeyRight;
c.action_key = kb_Key2nd;

By swapping out, for example, kb_KeyUp, a different key for the UP control can be chosen. Possibly even through a game menu.

The keys can be read like so:


if (c.up) {
    // do something when the UP key is pressed

These controls can be used for any game, not just platformers. I also tested this on my physical calculator, and it detects simultaneous keypresses admireably.

(it'd probably be a good idea to put the complete source code for this in a Github repo... I'll get to that...)

Any ideas as to where to take this? I'm open to suggestions, though I just got started with using the CE toolchain. Laughing

---------------------------- Edit ------------------------
I've decided to make a Pong/Breakout hybrid. It's fairly simple, doesn't require sprites, and not graphics-intensive.
Here's what I have so far:

I'm planning on adding:

    [ ] powerups (extra ball, laser shots from the pads, etc.)
    [ ] more levels
    [ ] an intro screen
    [ ] an end screen
    [ ] a death screen

Anything else I should add?

Haven't got a timeline of when I could get this done. Will post source code in a Github repo once I get an acceptable game going, promise!

(I've got other two-player ideas in the works. I've got a life to maintain, so those will have to wait. Razz )
Looks like this slipped through the cracks, but good idea! It does seem like the server has an unfair disadvantage, however. Also, I'd recommend using CEmu's dedicated recording feature in the future, and using your keyboard instead of your mouse to input keys into CEmu (most of the letters match up to the alpha keys on the calc, and the arrows/function keys match as well). Good luck on the rest of this project.
Hello! It's been quite a while since I've touched this project.

I've also created a level editor, which should help speed things up.

I'm thinking about having the two players collaborate to clear the blocks in each level. If a player lets a ball get past them, they lose a life. If one player loses all of their lives before all of the levels are cleared, then both players lose. Once all of the levels are cleared, however, the game becomes more like Pong, and the goal then is to make the other player lose all their lives... I still need to think about this...
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