Hello, I have a problem with the lists ICE.
I'm trying to make a sprites and icon editor, but it doesn't work if I make to large sprites.
The colors are written into L1 (each pixel one byte).
Is there any way to write more than 2000 bytes into one list?
Or does anyone have another idea to cache the numbers of the colors?

Maybe I could use an appvar, but I don't know how to change only one byte without reading everything else before...
Or changing only one char in the 'basic str1'... (do you know how I could do this?)

Thank you!
Disclaimer: all of this information comes from reading the documentation; I have no firsthand experience with ICE.

The documentation notes that lists and strings can never exceed 2000 bytes, so presumably there's no way to do that with either of those data types. There is support for file I/O or just allocating chunks of RAM, either of which would do the job. Presumably you'd want to be able to save sprites, so using files directly seems most sensible.

It's not particularly efficient but you could easily open a file, resize it to the size you need for a given image size, then to update a given pixel seek to the appropriate offset and write a byte.
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