Some of you may remember TINT, or TI Number Theory, a TI-BASIC package/library designed for number theoretic calculations and analysis that is now over 2 years old. In retrospect, though, TINT was not all that useful to the average programmer, since number theory is a fairly niche subject (and passion of mine) that really requires more substantial hardware to even attempt to delve into seriously. But, hey; it was a nice project and I still encourage anyone and everyone to give it a try.

Well, I am now working on a much more expansive and hopefully more popular BASIC library: TIGHT, or TI GrapH Theory (what, did you want me to call it TIGT?). TIGHT is a collection of lists and subprograms that allow for the creation, manipulation, and analysis of discrete graphs; that is, points and lines in the plane that are connected in various ways.

Graphs come up in all sorts of realms of computer science and mathematics, and can be represented quite succinctly using TI-BASIC lists, be them directed or undirected. Currently, TIGHT has support for most basic graph operations: adding/removing edges, finding subgraphs, checking adjacency, and layout & plotting. Actual downloads are not yet available, but the source code and user guide can all be found on the GitHub repo.

Here's a sample of what you can do with TIGHT, as a more visual teaser:

(don't worry; there are colors too!)

As always, comments, critiques, and suggestions for the code are welcome as issues on the repo or messages in IRC. Plenty of updates to come, with an initial release planned before the end of the year.
Don't fret! This project is not dead!

I've made a whole host of additions and changes to TIGHT over the past two months, notably expanding the algorithm library, improving graphing capabilities, and adding a host of useful graphs to the generation protocol and database. I'll be doing lots of testing and bug fixes in preparation for an initial release over the next few weeks, during which you should expect more activity on this thread as well as some more up-to-date screenshots.

Feel free to check out the current progress on the GitHub repo and maybe handle a bit of bug testing that is frankly overdue.

Oh, and here's at least one (new) pretty picture: TIGHT's current callgraph. (Sorry, it's a bit large; open in new tab should do the trick)

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