I'm planning to make a project with a dragon on the CE!
It's going to be a program where you have to take care of a dragon.
You have to do some stuff like caring the scales and (maybe) feeding the dragon.
If you don't do something in time, the dragon might become grumpy.
And the dragon is going to be able to say stuff!
Much elements of the dragon comes from a book, and today I've got permission for that!
The book series I'm basing stuff off is: Dragan Duma, by Patty van Delft.

I haven't made anything yet, but the idea is getting more detailed every day!
It's going to be a huge project for me, but I hope I'll get it done.
I still need to find a satisfying dragon picture to use, but I'm working on that.
But for now I'll reread the books to gather quotes for the dragon to say!
Ooh, sounds neat! A kind of virtual pet simulator type thing?
Yes, it's going to be a sort of virtual pet thing, but at some points it might be different.
Most of that virtual pet programs let you give apples or candy's as far as I know, this one not.
Here you'll give your dragon something like sheep for example.
Someone is going to try to draw a dragon for me, so that part is coming closer!

I'm not really far yet...
I still have to get a good dragon picture and time to begin...
And I've no idea when I'll have that time...
So it might take much time..
It's probably not going to be different from what you might expect.
It isn't really based on any game existing actually. Well, maybe a very little bit, but not really.

And the dragon is likely being based on a book series.
I have recently started working on the program!
I'm building a prototype at the moment, it isn't really far yet and the dragon now used is NOT the dragon that will be the final one.
The dragon that will be used is still being drawn, so for the prototype I've used another dragon.
Here some screenshots!

Looks great! I'm not loving the red background though, it's like it's trying to kill me or something Wink
_iPhoenix_ wrote:
Looks great! I'm not loving the red background though, it's like it's trying to kill me or something Wink

Yeah, I'll probably change that. I don't know what color I should do yet though.
Several months have gone by since the last post...

The feeding part is mostly done, as is the 'train' part.
I finally thought of something for the last option: flying!
So I am now adding that.
Though I don't know exactly yet how I should make it look like it is really flying..

A screenshot:

I have it now kinda really flying!
And I have in my Discord server a channel especially for the developing of the program. Where I also post updates more often.
Hehe that's cool, keep up the awesome work man!
I know it's a totally different game, but this reminds me somewhat of the boss fights in Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap Razz

But yes this looks neat!
It is time again for a small update!
Actually there is not really much I can do at this moment.
Most of the game mechanics are working.

* Make sure you can't overfeed the dragon
* Wait for the dragon to be drawn
* When the dragon is drawn, give everything their correct spot again.

I am these days quite often streaming in my own Discord server when I continue programming on DragonCE!
So if you want to see that, come join my server!

Maybe I can also stream it somewhere else, but for now I stream in my own discord server. Unless people want me to stream somewhere else?
I have started working on a prevention against overfeeding the dragon!
I also have created functions for the dragon saying stuff.
Though there are some problems...
Strange issues I can't fully figure out yet.

And still, the dragon to be used is not drawn.
Privacy_Dragon wrote:
Unless people want me to stream somewhere else?

I'm very late but it'd be pretty awesome if you could stream your development in the have calc; will program voice channel in the Cemetech discord, lots of familiar names pop in from time to time :D

I can't wait to see more of your vision for this game :)
Ok. I will sometimes stream there then.
Maybe this week if I have time again.
I should probably also start to ask how it is with the drawing of the dragon....
So. It has been quite some time since I last worked on this.
I just looked at it, tried to work on it a bit.
But I have actually not been working on it for way too long.
I have not really an idea anymore of where I left. I might be going to stream a bit more this week though, and try to work on it.
I guess the flying part is now what I need to focus on.
I have a functionality idea: It also stores the timestamp from when you last opened the program, and also from when you last closed the program. That way, things can happen "in the background" (although they would, in reality, be happening right as you open the program again), and if the program notices either timestamp is missing, it alerts you and asks you to reset your clock. (Or if it notices the timestamp is in the future, say because of a RAM reset)
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