epsilon5 wrote:
arusher999 wrote:
Huh, there are no appvars showing up

Of course there aren't-I should have thought of that. If you'd like, I can send you a working filesystem appvar, and it'll automatically be updated to coincide with what's on your calculator.

In other news, I've made some more progress. Here's the changelog:
[added] cursor acceleration
[added] cursor framerate-independent movement
[added] buttons can be activated using an alternate key (rather than clicking them)
[added] basic window manager (add windows to the desktop)
[added] buttons in menus can now be clicked
[added] buttons in menus can now trigger actions
[added] windows can now be created/opened at runtime
[added] window title bars on opened windows (title and non-functional buttons to minimize/close)
[fixed] cursor could go offscreen

I'm trying to post regular progress updates on my Discord server as well, so be sure to join that if you haven't already. Here's a screenshot of most of the progress that has been made over the last few days:

That's looking amazing!, Also, yeah sure, it would be great if you could send me the appvars.
I've been working on this a lot over the last few days, so here's a quick update. Please note that the screenshot only shows some of the new features-the larger developments, like the directory system, will need their own posts.

[added] intelligent redrawing, allowing only required GUI elements to be redrawn when applicable
[added] directory system
[improved] navigation switches to start menu when it is opened in box-based navigation mode
[improved] opened windows are switched to when opened in box-based navigation mode
[improved] generally improved filesystem backend
[improved] start menu can now be closed
[improved] wallpapers, allowing them to be split into 6 rows
[improved] wallpapers now integrated into the main GUI
[improved] wallpapers can be redrawn
[improved] restructured desktop code
[fixed] moving windows no longer leaves graphical artifacts
[fixed] incorrect element could be selected on switching to window in box-based navigation mode
[fixed] invisible elements could be selected in box-based navigation mode

Here's a screenshot showing a preview of the box-based navigation mode that will be present in VYSION 2 in addition to the cursor-based navigation scheme, as I know a large number of people prefer one over the other:

And as usual, thanks to everyone for the great support! Please post any additional feedback, feature requests, questions, or suggestions in this thread. And in response to arusher999, I sent you a PM regarding the appvar issue.
Wow, I love it! I need to buy a CE...
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