Thanks for all the support, everyone! I'll reply to each of you individually:
CalebHansberry: I'm glad to hear this, and you'll be happy to hear that 2.0.0 will be orders of magnitude more useless and unnecessarily complex than 1.0.0, with a stacking window manager, multitasking (just for things within the shell, for now), and optional cursor-based GUI, like the old DCS7. I will say that I've been getting a lot of inspiration from old Doors screenshots, despite not actually having a calculator to use it on.
Michael2_3B: The wallpapers have been problematic for quite a while now, I imagine the issue that you ran into was with decompression, which I unfortunately can't do a whole lot about. The rest of the stuff shouldn't be an issue anymore, because I'm rewriting the entire shell and can compensate for those problems when I do so.

I also have some good news when it comes to development: I get my real laptop back tomorrow, which has been out of commission for a few weeks or so now with various issues that have now apparently been repaired by HP. So, I can use VS Code and LLVM with CEmu that runs at a reasonable speed again, which should speed up development immensely (thanks once again to Adriweb and the TI-Planet Project Builder team as well, I've been using that in the meantime to synchronize everything). Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks/months!
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