From a program, I wish to write an equation into the Y= Editor; so I can then, automatically, graph that function. I do not wish to enter the equation from the calculator, but from a running program.

Can a person, somehow, write a string equation into some memory location (That would be where the calculator puts the \Y1=, \Y2=, formulas) of the Y= Editor, then call Graph to plot that equation?

I'm sure I would have to build a Str1, Str2, etc. variable in order to do it, then assign that string to some location, somewhere?

Anybody got any clues?
The String►Equ( Command
So, does that mean that the variable called Y1 would be the same as what is called \Y1= in the Y= Editor?

That's the answer. Thanks so much.

The command says one can also just do a STO (store) and the same thing occurs.

can be
This replacement is universal, takes the same time to run (because it actually uses the same routines), is more convenient to type since you don't have to go through the command catalog, and is two bytes smaller.

Thanks so much. Now I just have to learn how to build a string using separate pieces.

I am, obviously, just beginning to learn how to program the TI-84 Plus.

I am a rather advanced programmer, otherwise; so that will help.

This is, really, my first real attempt at a program. I am just building a simple linear equation, first. I will input two sets of coordinates, then build the equation using the slope and Y-intercept, then set the proper bounds for a graph, then graph it.

So, in the end, it will be able to show any simple graph of a line, showing it's Y-Intercept, properly bounded.

Thus, I will have to build a string which equals the line's equation given two sets of coordinates.

I figure that, once I have done that program, I should understand a lot more about how the Y= Editor actually works.

Ah, I found what you just told me on page 3-6 of 'Function Graphing' in the TI-83 Plus manual. (I am actually using a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition even though I also have the TI-84 CE. The battery lasts longer on the Silver Edition; so I'm using it as I learn programming on a TI calculator. I have the manual for the TI-83 Plus and the addendum manual for the TI-84 Plus / TI-84 Plus Silver Edition which I'm using to learn the programming.

Thanks, again. That will definitely get me started.
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